big hand

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a big hand

A round of clapping, often as a show of approval or appreciation. Let's welcome our special guest with a big hand!
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*big hand (for something)

lots of applause for something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) She got a big hand for singing so well. They always give the acrobats a big hand.
See also: big, hand
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Our inflatable big hands are an excellent way to raise even more money for such a great cause and will help to show your loved one some support at the same time.
In addition, with the Big Hand acquisition comes its CircumsStance Design subsidiary, http://www.
richard Hannon has a big hand in the Hungerford with Strong Suit, Dubawi Gold and Dick Turpin while Delegator tops a three-strong Godolphin team that also includes Colonial and Yaa Wayl.
I'd been running, Eating, exercising, without any noticeable Difference, his big hand clasped mine, 'C'mon lad lets take a ride on the Dipper,' I was terrified but would never let dad know, We got to the front, the man taking the money Put me against the wall, pointed to the marker, "Sorry mate, you need to grow a bit more.
I hope that I'm as fast as you, When the Big Hand comes for me.
Clockwise from left, a Colinet figure; John Gair takes a close look at an antique crocodile; a big hand for Fred Story as he checks the time with long case clocks; The Scream, a 1930s Czech mask worth pounds 600; behind you - a stuffed lions head valued at pounds 2,300, together with a Black Buck
I give a big hand to our midfield, this is what we has lacked the last few seasons -- goal from our midfielders.
Broaden your musical horizons and help give a big hand to charity - that's the deal at the Pennine Brass concert at the St Paul's Hall of Huddersfield University tomorrow.
A BIG hand please for Black Eyed Peas Where Is The Love?
A big hand, too, goes to the magnificent seven dwarfs whose loveable antics are slapstick and wacky - in the best of panto traditions.
They all deserve a big hand - from Los Angeles Police Department Capt.
This is a chance for Dave Habiger, Mark Ely, Clay Leighton and the other members of the team to take on a broader role in running the company they've had a big hand in building.