big hand

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a big hand

A round of clapping, often as a show of approval or appreciation. Let's welcome our special guest with a big hand!
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*big hand (for something)

lots of applause for something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) She got a big hand for singing so well. They always give the acrobats a big hand.
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At any one time, the alehouse will feature two or three draught beers from the Big Hand Brewing Co Ltd stable, plus a range of local, national and international beers.
BIG HAND: Albion salute hero Regis yesterday under his image at Everton
"Our inflatable big hands are an excellent way to raise even more money for such a great cause and will help to show your loved one some support at the same time."
(Carlisle, Pa.), and Supervalu's bigg's division, had a big hand in helping the kiosk-based marketing program provider achieve record sales and revenue for its fiscal year ended December 31, 2006.
While Shefsky credits his exploration team for the success they have enjoyed, he also says luck plays a big hand in finding a diamond-bearing outcrop so close to the highway.
They often hang on the walls of cabins, Elks Lodges, dens, and bedrooms, although they are actually "really big hand puppets," noted Larson.
When it rings in the morning, the big hand is pointing to twelve and the little hand is pointing to eight.
Always, wherever we danced, when the first curtain went up a big hand made us feel very good.
Rare Medium Inc, the New York-based internet consultancy has made two more small acquisitions, buying Big Hand Inc and FS3 Interactive, both Dallas, Texas-based web marketing and design companies.
The critics gave a big hand for Jodie's appearance as the first female Dr Who in The Woman Who Fell To Earth.
Wrexham-based Big Hand Brewing Co Ltd will hope to emulate that success when the Lower Watergate Street venue reopens 'towards the end of July'.
Regarding bankrupting the country by Labour, I believe the greedy bankers had a big hand in this.
I usually start shaking when I get a big hand but I knew I had to control myself after being dealt two tens, then seeing two more on the table, giving me the best hand.
Recently she got fed up with meowing for her dinner (the indignity!) so she used her big hand to pull down a fridge magnet saying 'food' and carry it in her mouth to her people.
WE would like to say a massive thank you to Big Hand Brewery based in Wrexham for their generous donation of PS100 for Age Cymru.