big deal

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big deal

1. Something that is considered important or consequential. Being the first in her family to graduate college was a big deal to Katie. I'm kind of a big deal here, but I'll just be the new kid when I switch schools.
2. Who cares? That's not impressive or important. So you did 20 push-ups. Big deal, I can do 100. A: "Wow, a 1969 Mustang!" B: "Big deal. It's just a car."
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big deal

1. A matter of great interest or importance, as in Performing in Symphony Hall is a big deal for everyone in the chorus. [c. 1940] Also see under make a federal case out of.
2. So what? Who cares? For example, So you got the job after all-well, big deal! This use of the phrase as an ironic interjection dates from approximately the same time.
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a big deal

a thing considered important. informal
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big deal!

used to express contempt for something regarded as impressive or important by another person. informal
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big ˈdeal

(informal, ironic) used for suggesting that something is not as important or impressive as somebody else thinks it is: ‘I’ve got tickets for next Saturday’s football match.’ ‘Big deal! Who’s interested in football anyway?’
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big deal

1. n. something really important. Don’t make such a big deal out of it!
2. exclam. So what!; What does it matter? (Usually Big deal!) So he snores! Big deal! Snore back!
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Anderson says that the budgetary concerns are compounded by the policy constraints arising from the all-or-nothing nature of the Big Deal.
However, this survey's Editor's Choice goes to the reader who noted that "[i]t will be a really big deal for advisers that haven't disclosed fees in the past, and an even bigger deal for those advisers that don't have any services to disclose at the same time.
The Big Deal Rental Car Price Guarantee promotional offer is valid until June 2, 2010, on booking a Name Your Own Price rental car.
Big Deal or No Big Deal Survey It's a big deal or no big deal if your co-counselor(s) .
The final Big Deal agreement will be unveiled in May along with national and regional action plans to help put it in place.
Big Deal Games, based in Los Angeles, USA, and Toronto, Canada, is part of US-based Timeplay.
I share all this with you because combat search and rescue is a big deal for the joint commander, and it's a big deal for Airmen.
A spokesman for ACC Transport's owner, The Co-operative Group, said: "This is significant because it is the first big deal which prepares for the directive.
But Russert made a big deal of Dean's failure to produce the precise figures from memory.
Over the wires, adding 25% or 30% more data to make use more secure is not a big deal, but over the airwaves, you're at the edge of acceptable speeds in the current technology, and to add 25% more data is costly, so it's likely the parties will scrimp on it," he said.
The big deal with this system, however, is that there are no buttons on the fascia at all -- users simply prod their pinky at the LCD display to operate the various functions.
My mother was really wise in not making it a big deal because such a big deal had been made of it in her life," she told BIBR.
because she likes men, thinks sex is both fun and a big deal, and really wants to be married before she's a mother.