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bide (one's) time

To delay some action until an ideal moment or situation reveals itself. I'm just biding my time in an office job until a tenure-track position opens up at one of the local colleges.
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bide one's time

to wait patiently. I've been biding my time for years, just waiting for a chance like this. He's not the type just to sit there and bide his time. He wants some action now.
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bide one's time

Wait for the opportune moment, as in The cat sat in front of the mousehole, biding its time. This phrase employs the verb to bide in the sense of "to wait for," a usage dating from about a.d. 950 and surviving mainly in this locution.
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bide your time

wait quietly for a good opportunity.
Bide in the sense of await is now only found in this expression. It has been superseded by abide in most of its other senses.
1991 Gillian Slovo The Betrayal And so he bided his time, waiting, plotting, planning, looking for the signs that would be good for him.
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bide your ˈtime

wait for a suitable opportunity to do something: She’s just biding her time until the right job comes along.
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bide (one's) time

To wait for further developments.
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bide one's time, to

To wait for the right moment to speak or take action. The verb to bide, meaning “to wait for” since about the year 950, survives today only in this cliché. Frederick W. Robertson used the expression in a sermon (1853): “They bide their time and suddenly represent themselves.”
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'KaahekoBiyahi Bides' has been composed for the film by the veteran musician Waqar Ali.
I'm simply asking the questions," Bides said, according to the report.
The museum, however, did not see Bides' act as an expression of cultural freedom.
Bides' supervisor, Israel prize-winning artist Michal Na'aman, took her student's side, attributing her act of stealing to an effort to break barriers through art.
"He just needs to bide his time because I am sure that with the way the fixtures are piling up his chance will come.
Viewers follow her progression slowly as she bides her time and moves through life confident of the path she is tracing.
there he bides his time and as usual comes up with some killer quotes: the wife whose husband has "personal comfort down to a science" notes, "I honestly don't think running would be good for Ralph ...