bide time

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bide (one's) time

To delay some action until an ideal moment or situation reveals itself. I'm just biding my time in an office job until a tenure-track position opens up at one of the local colleges.
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bide one's time

to wait patiently. I've been biding my time for years, just waiting for a chance like this. He's not the type just to sit there and bide his time. He wants some action now.
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bide (one's) time

To wait for further developments.
See also: bide, time
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But while Baras' ensemble choreography showcases a fine symmetry, the five women and two men almost seem to bide time waiting for Baras.
and bide time until these processes reach fruition.
Newhall Land tried to bide time until they were forced in a corner.
A bull market sure helps new funds like Profit Lomax bide time.
Summary: High-ranking political sources do not expect presidential elections to take place any time soon, as made clear by recent events including the latest parliamentary session, which they said was a process to bide time until a regional agreement matures.
Contrary to belief, appetite for quality assets was strong in 2010 but the compulsion of heavyweight due diligence, almost forensic in some cases, and the gut instinct to bide time, caused many private equity to deals to drop off.
The Ducks were changing lines, so Selanne went from the right corner and around the net to bide time, then found an onrushing Rucchin in the slot for a goal at 12 minutes, 2 seconds of the first.