bid for

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bid (something) for (something)

To say that one will pay a certain amount of money in exchange for an item, as at an auction. The monetary amount is often mentioned between "bid" and "for," while the item sought is named after "for." I can't believe I bid $500 for that necklace and still didn't win it! How much did you bid for that antique dresser?
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bid (something) for something

 and bid (something) on something
to offer an amount of money for something at an auction. I bid a thousand for the painting. I didn't want to bid for it. I wouldn't bid a cent on that rickety old table!
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References in classic literature ?
Deane would say nothing decided about the matter; the fact that Wakem held the mortgage on the land might put it into his head to bid for the whole estate, and further, to outbid the cautious firm of Guest &Co.
And he would never go and bid for the mill on purpose to spite her, an innocent woman, who thought it likely enough that she had danced with him in their youth at Squire Darleigh's, for at those big dances she had often and often danced with young men whose names she had forgotten.
Tulliver work it for 'em, if you didn't bid for it and raise the price.
ud look more like what used to be, to stay at the mill than to go anywhere else; and if you'll only think--if you was to bid for the mill and buy it, my husband might be struck worse than he was before, and niver get better again as he's getting now.
3 billion bid for Delta is a bad deal for leisure and business travelers.
He knew the price was too low and submitted the bid for $1 million more and won.
1 -- 2) A box, above, containing the city's bid for the 2012 Olympics awaits submission to the U.
As it happens, the bids submitted in that auction included a small bid for S.
Bid for Rx, a free online auction service designed to reduce consumers' prescription drug costs by 20-40 percent, is now available at BidforRx.
Shares of some airlines moved higher Wednesday on news of US Airways' bid for Delta Air Lines.
Sergio Ocasio-Roman, president of KOR, said that on August 31, 1999, his firm submitted a bid for facade repair, maintenance, and inspection in compliance with Local Law 11, which requires facade inspections every five years.
Prospects: Fourth consecutive NCAA bid for the Mid-Continent champs, but don't expect a repeat of last season's surprising Sweet 16 run.
The purpose of the Rights Plan is to provide shareholders and the Company's board of directors with adequate time to consider and evaluate any unsolicited bid made for Lake Shore, to provide the board with adequate time to identify, develop and negotiate value-enhancing alternatives, if considered appropriate to any such unsolicited bid, to encourage the fair treatment of shareholders in connection with any take-over bid for Lake Shore and to ensure that any proposed transaction is in the best interests of Lake Shore's shareholders.
No matter how US Airways' bid for Delta Air Lines plays out, large cities will continue to have plenty of air service, the Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney writes.
Although the Doral Court Hotel meeting room was packed with developers, lawyers, brokers and other real estate executives, only five groups actually made a bid for the site.