bid for

bid (some amount) for (something)

To say that one will pay a certain amount of money in exchange for an item, as at an auction. I can't believe I bid $500 for that necklace and still didn't win it! How much did you bid for that antique dresser?
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bid (something) for something

 and bid (something) on something
to offer an amount of money for something at an auction. I bid a thousand for the painting. I didn't want to bid for it. I wouldn't bid a cent on that rickety old table!
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However, when more than one style of bidding is clearly demonstrated, the model is applied to each type of bidder, and the lowest price for the percent of market share desired is used to establish the next bid for the Firm.
US Airways on Wednesday boosted its bid for Delta to $10.3 billion.
For many agencies, this may be the time to contemplate online forward auctions--the more familiar type where buyers bid for excess property, materials, or equipment.
Our offer of ONE FREE BID FOR EVERY READER still applies so if you haven't placed a bid yet, now's your chance.
"New York City's Olympic Dream, now ten years in the making, has truly been a marathon, and for the next eight months, we're going to work harder than ever to win the bid for the Olympic Games in 2012," said Bloomberg.
Not only that, but the subsequent news that the investment business of George Soros--Soros Private Equity Partners--was exploring the possibility of making a joint bid for JSG with MDP served to add a touch of financial glamour rarely seen in the forest products sector.
He knew the price was too low and submitted the bid for $1 million more and won.
First of all, decide which prize you would like to bid for and how much cash you want to bid.
Alberini's highest bid for a D-optimal design was $138 and this design had the smallest deviation in recovering the mean.
The proposed operating budget for the games shows a revenue of US$1.25bn ([pounds]830m) based on careful analysis of budgets of other cities which have hosted or bid for the Olympics over the last 12 years.
As it happens, the bids submitted in that auction included a small bid for S.G.
Investment bank Rothschild is working on a consortium of investors who aim to bid for a stake in Alitalia that Rome is putting up for sale, a source close to Rothschild said on Tuesday, confirming press reports.
Anyone who has any questions or would like to express your opinion on the formation of a BID for the area, please contact Sharon Ullman, of the 23rd Street Association, at 212-255-3037 or B1D consultant, Carvel "Rusty" Moore, at 212-759-8233.
Today you can bid for more fantastic prizes in our great Bid 'n' Win auction.
Would you rather lose the entire bid for $500K or win Lot 2 for $200K?