bid down

bid (something) down

To decrease the value of something, usually a security, by offering to pay lower and lower prices for it. Only buy that stock if you are able to bid it down first.
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bid something down

to lower the value of something, such as stock, by offering a lower price for it each time it comes up for sale. We bid the price down and then bought all of it. I could see that the traders were bidding down the price, but I didn't want to take the risk.
See also: bid, down
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Oh This Is Us tried to launch a last-gasp bid down the outside, but Zaaki had him covered and went on to triumph by a length.
Benchmark nickel on the London Metal Exchange (LME) did not trade in official rings but was bid down 0.4 percent at $11,625 a tonne after reaching $11,770, its highest level since Nov.
Either they believe it might somehow help some doomed World Cup bid down the line or there is a few quid in it.
In Brazil's energy auctions, regulators set a ceiling and participants bid down the rates at which they are willing to sell electricity with the lowest offers winning long term contracts to deliver energy.
They have mustered a mere three points from an available 24 in eight games against Lincoln, Forest Green, Dagenham & Redbridge and Aldershot this season - a record that has ultimately let their automatic promotion bid down.
The Commission reminds all forward auction applicants that they remain subject toits rules prohibiting certain communications relating to the incentive auction until either: with respect to communications with broadcasters, the completion of the incentive auction as announced by the Incentive Auction Closing and Channel Reassignment Public Notice; or, with respect to other forward auction applicants and related parties, until the winning bid down payment deadline.
And if he doesn't see players he can bring in to make things better, he should turn the bid down.
The commissioner has turned the 1.5 m Euro bid down, an amount that could make a difference between go or no go for this project, but a trifling amount when set against 12.77 billion (that's 12,770 million) Euros he intends to spend on 263 projects across Europe.
Opposition parties, who normally acquiesce to the leader of the largest group, turned on Labour and voted Clr Pandor's leadership bid down.
"And I turned another bid down for Conor from a large Championship club.
Book your seat way ahead of the auction and make sure to bid down to the last second.
Lately interest rates have been bid down to minuscule percentages at tax sales and premiums at some tax sales are bid too high for investors to make a decent profit.
If investors thought relaxation would be good for banks, then they would bid up bank stock values during event windows in which relaxation seemed likely and bid down values when the status quo seemed likely.
Of the Lottery Fund plan for Moseley Road, she added: "My view is we can put in a bid down the line but, at this moment, we don't have the money.
It is expected that Liverpool will turn the bid down, while it also seems hard to imagine that Higuain will be interested in a move to Anfield.