bid adieu to

bid adieu to (someone or something)

1. To say goodbye to someone or something. "Adieu" is a French valediction that literally means "to God." Because I had a train to catch, I had to bid adieu to them quite early in the evening, unfortunately. It was hard to bid adieu to college, but I knew deep down that it was time to move on.
2. To part with something, such as a possession. It's time for you to bid adieu to these ratty old t-shirts.
See also: adieu, bid

bid adieu to someone or something

Cliché to say good-bye to someone or something. (The word adieu is French for good-bye and should not be confused with ado.) Now it's time to bid adieu to all of you gathered here. He silently bid adieu to his favorite hat as the wind carried it down the street.
See also: adieu, bid
References in classic literature ?
Marianne, few as had been her hours of comfort in London, and eager as she had long been to quit it, could not, when it came to the point, bid adieu to the house in which she had for the last time enjoyed those hopes, and that confidence, in Willoughby, which were now extinguished for ever, without great pain.
exclaimed Albert, so overcome he could scarcely speak; "it is not the same with you and me -- you cannot have made the same resolution I have, for I have come to warn you that I bid adieu to your house, and -- and to you.
I may say that it was with no regret that we bid adieu to Tigerland, as we rechristened the ancient Devon, and, beating out into the Channel, turned the launch's nose southeast, to round Bolt Head and continue up the coast toward the Strait of Dover and the North Sea.
The dwarf glanced sarcastically at his brazen friend, and, with a short dry cough, turned upon his heel to bid adieu to Miss Sally.
For as the swift monster drags you deeper and deeper into the frantic shoal, you bid adieu to circumspect life and only exist in a delirious throb.
Be it for a serious gathering or for the most happening events or movies, we have bid adieu to the traditional ways of buying tickets in long queues at the venue - thanks to the crazy ticketing solutions that several startups offer today.
50pm where everyone bid adieu to each other and proceeded towards their homes.
Defence Minister Khurram Dastagir, MNA Ejaz ul Haq, Commander Northern Air Command Air Vice Marshal Sarfraz Khan and Base Commander Air Commodore Mujahid Hussain were present to bid adieu to King Abdullah II.
Au revoir Senior pupils bid adieu to French teacher Susan Chalmers who retired at the end of term after 34 years
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 27, 2017-Customers, employees bid adieu to Queen of the Skies
Bid adieu to 2017 and welcome the New Year with a gastronomic celebration at Flavours.
LADY GAGA has bid adieu to her "Haus of Gaga" in midtown.
And as Pumaren and the Red Warriors prepare to bid adieu to their season, he can't help but have a soft spot for his burly forward Pasaol.
New Delhi: Having endured much pain in his 18-year-long injury-littered yet successful career, Ashish Nehra says his body will be at peace as he bid adieu to international career tonight.
Summary: In front of hundreds of students at their school, the boys - along with the male teacher - went two by two to the hairdressers chair and bid adieu to their flowing manes.