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bicker (with someone) (about someone or something)

 and bicker (with someone or something) (over someone or something)
to argue with someone about someone or something. Why are you always bickering with her about absolutely nothing? Please don't bicker with us over these small details.
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Bickers was born in Colwyn Bay and educated in Llandudno but has lived and exhibited in Holland.
Luke bickers with his boss, he bickers with Alembic, the PCs bicker with him.
Bickers, professor and chair of the department of dermatology at Columbia University, New York.
Bickers DR, Calow P, Greim HA, Hanifin JM, Rogers AE, Saurat JH, et al.
The problem, however, is that when one looks at actual federal programs, as Stein and Bickers do here, one finds that not even a majority of districts receive any monies (how many districts, for example, are eligible for federal tobacco price subsidies?
Bob Bickers has been appointed to the newly created position of vice president of manufacturing which includes production of all of Metricom's product requirements for both network infrastructure and subscriber modems.
Bickers characterized the changes, which carry an immediate price tag of at least $27.
Bickers was conducting three clinical trials of COX-2 inhibitors before the revelations about rofecoxib (Vioxx) last year.