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bicker (with someone) (about someone or something)

 and bicker (with someone or something) (over someone or something)
to argue with someone about someone or something. Why are you always bickering with her about absolutely nothing? Please don't bicker with us over these small details.
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Lyman Sanderson (Stephen O'Mahoney) and Nurse Kelley (Erica Shaffer) a pair whose bickering masks the fact that they're actually nuts about each other.
London, February 27 ( ANI ): Bickering couples lose up to 90 minutes a week of what could have been peaceful sleep time by arguing between the sheets, according to new research.
BEIRUT: Head of Lebanon's Economic Committee Adnan Kassar reiterated Monday warnings that the economy is at the mercy of political bickering and instability.
Their fundamental plans are diametrically opposed - Fine Gael says cut more and Labour says spend more - and now they are bickering with each other and offer only empty criticism.
The brothers' relationship is pretty schematic, a generic blend of quipping and bickering.
In the second story, the Count sells a bickering family that can't agree on anything a pet they all love: it has a different appearance for each family member.
What happens if the bickering resurfaces and we split up again?
With partisan bickering on Capitol Hill on the upswing, it was only a matter of time before it broke out in gay and lesbian political circles as well.
Now, after years of legal bickering, Angelini will acquire CHH's 30% interest--worth about US$1.
We urge Senators to reject the politics of personal destruction, religious bigotry, and partisan bickering.
Summary: Head of the Lebanese Industrialists Association Nehmat Freim reiterated calls for an economic dialogue to help overcome urgent financial conditions and shield the economy from the impact of political bickering.
London, May 18 (ANI): Just when the squabbling Gallagher brothers-Liam and Noel-started on their usual bickering during their recent tour, they have found a way to tolerate each other-their common liking for luxury Gran Patron tequila in South America.
BACKSEAT bickering begins an average three hours 15 minutes into family holiday car journeys, a survey claimed yesterday.
Don't worry about the bickering with coaches and teammates.
Regardless of Seri's and D'Natheil's initial violent bickering, Seri feels compelled to help D'Natheil and is determined to discover the truth about him.