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bias against (someone or something)

A prejudice against someone or something. That teacher just seems to have a bias against me—she never calls on me in class, and she grades my papers so harshly. My father has a bias against that company because he dislikes its outspoken CEO. The bias against hiring women that exists in this company is painfully obvious.
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bias someone against someone or something

to prejudice someone against someone or something. Please avoid biasing everyone against me. One bad experience biased all of us against that brand of sausage.
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on the bias

on a diagonal line; on a diagonal pathway or direction. The panels of the dress were cut on the bias. The seamstress sewed the fabric on the bias.
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But Republicans who think that the media are biased against them might want to consider a striking empirical finding: Whatever their beliefs, political partisans have long tended to see, and to complain loudly about, media bias.
Thus, the author emphasizes that it is unreasonable to conclude that particular news stories and media generally are biased, simply because people claim they are.
Am I biased because of how I feel about the patient, what happened to me yesterday, or what happened in a similar case 10 years ago after which I felt badly or was sanctioned?
Because the student has pre-existing knowledge about the instructor, faculty evaluations may be biased compared with students who have not had the professor previously.
Then again, he added, most of the facts coming out of Iraq are biased against the Bush administration.
Innis argues that the cultural predominance of spatially biased media of communications, such as television and cinema, contribute to the creation of "monopolies of knowledge" (what American Walter Lippmann later termed "the manufacture of consent") that spread themselves over vast geographical distances and can elide differences, encourage stereotypes and presume to occupy a pre-eminent, centralized, perhaps even "aerial" view.
Interview questions can be classified in two ways: (1) whether the question is open-ended or closed, and (2) whether the question is biased or unbiased; see exhibit 1, page 122.
the leader in the discovery and development of G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) biased ligands, today announced the initiation of a research collaboration with Merck, through a subsidiary.
Of course, calling Hewitt biased is like saying the sky is blue.
Yet unmentioned in the media coverage is that the anti-Wal-Mart research study cited in the pro-72 campaign is so biased that its conclusions are indefensible.
Every other possible toss is biased, according to an analysis described on Feb.
A study commissioned by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in 1992 entitled "Shortchanging Girls; Shortchanging America" synthesized much earlier research and concluded that the average school is biased against girls in a number of ways.
level psychologists independently reviewed the items contained on the MMPI and MMPI-2 for item content potentially biased toward individuals with visual impairments.
because of a family background involving agriculture), the study would have been seriously biased.
SAN FERNANDO - Judges can make repeated wrongful rulings against an attorney and display ``impatience, dissatisfaction, annoyance and even anger'' and cannot by law be found to be biased, according to the judge hearing the Sandi Nieves murder case.