bias against

bias against (someone or something)

A prejudice against someone or something. That teacher just seems to have a bias against me—she never calls on me in class, and she grades my papers so harshly. My father has a bias against that company because he dislikes its outspoken CEO. The bias against hiring women that exists in this company is painfully obvious.
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bias someone against someone or something

to prejudice someone against someone or something. Please avoid biasing everyone against me. One bad experience biased all of us against that brand of sausage.
See also: bias
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RIYADH, December 12, 2017 (WAFA) - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tuesday reiterated its condemnation of the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the transfer of its embassy, describing it bias against Palestinians.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] August 28 (ANI): The Maharashtra Government on Monday withdrew its allegation of bias against Justice A.
Research based on an unusual or novel approach may lead to important breakthroughs in science, but peer evaluators are often overly cautious in evaluating such work, Jian Wang, Reinhilde Veugelers, and Paula Stephan find in Bias against Novelty in Science: A Cautionary Tale for Users of Bibliometric Indicators (NBER Working Paper No.
Johnson told CU Times Tuesday that while he is a practicing Mormon, he does not hold bias against any religion or political party.
synagogue, President Barack Obama admitted that his treatment of Israel is based on bias against the Jewish State.
HUNDREDS of viewers have complained about perceived bias against Labour leader Ed Miliband during last night's questioning of the two main party leaders on TV.
15 NEWBURY) FIBRESAND: STANDARD LIVE ON ATTHERACES DRAW: Counter--intuitive bias against low draw over a mile and beyond; no significant bias 6f and 7f; low to middle favoured over 5f.
Lawyer Harry Roque said yesterday he would formalize his petition to have De los Santos removed from the government prosecution panel this week, reiterating his earlier statements where he accused her of bias against the victim's camp.
He said that on a global level the sector must "privilege, considerably, long-term financing vis-a-vis short-term financing and eliminate all bias against equity in the various national, continental and global economies".
Faculty members in science departments at research universities are showing a bias against female students that could be contributing to the gender disparity in the sciences, a recent study has found.
5 percent of the victims were targeted because of the offender's bias against a race.
However, the BBC strongly rejected claims of bias against the club and insisted the content of the programme was accurate and in the public interest.
Mohsin said neither the Pakistan Cricket Board nor the national selection committee have any bias against the senior players and insisted all choices were being made on merit.
But he insists the Hoops' head honcho was WRONG to claim referee bias against the club.
Modi had earlier also filed a petition on the same grounds -- of their likely bias against him -- but a division bench in July had said that he could raise the issue before the disciplinary committee.