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bias against (someone or something)

A prejudice against someone or something. That teacher just seems to have a bias against me—she never calls on me in class, and she grades my papers so harshly. My father has a bias against that company because he dislikes its outspoken CEO. The bias against hiring women that exists in this company is painfully obvious.
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on the bias

In sewing, following a diagonal line across the grain of the fabric, especially one running at an angle of 45 degrees. OK, class. The first thing to do is to cut the fabric on the bias. Be sure to make your stitches on the bias.
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bias someone against someone or something

to prejudice someone against someone or something. Please avoid biasing everyone against me. One bad experience biased all of us against that brand of sausage.
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on the bias

on a diagonal line; on a diagonal pathway or direction. The panels of the dress were cut on the bias. The seamstress sewed the fabric on the bias.
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Some authors have challenged the effectiveness of unconscious bias training.
Implicit bias affects the justice system and results in unfair rulings, our medical system where studies show minorities are less likely to be taken seriously, and in job placements where white males are likely to be judged as more capable compared to women and other minorities.
The first breakout will have sessions on breaking the glass ceiling and improving gender equality, mental health issues affecting lawyers and clients, and a look at implicit bias and why it matters.
Because bias and radial tires are intended to be used differently, they are produced differently.
From these examples, it's clear that the care we give is informed by bias and does impact the health of the patient on the receiving end of that bias.
Under the assumption that the results are reflective of manager bias on performance, the researchers suggest that workplaces adopt specific policies, including promoting female managers and encouraging managers to interact with all employees equally, to reduce the prevalence and effects of implicit bias.
This attractiveness bias leads you to follow and to be influenced by those you consider attractive.
The report led to Facebook investigating the accusations and finding no trace of systematic bias. "That's a pretty important accusation, and it's one we take seriously. It's also one which frankly rang true to some people because there is concern that Silicon Valley companies have a liberal bias.
According to the study, 55% of those surveyed had present bias and about 70% had exponential-growth bias.
To confirm the effects of bias frequency, [Y.sub.2][O.sub.3] films were deposited to the substrates with different bias frequencies.
Interesting, while both types of bias are common, the correlation between them is weak, suggesting that the biases are largely independent.
The fifth and final case looks at the role of cognitive bias in what Yetiv describes as a failure to develop a comprehensive U.S.
* lngroup bias: Though the motivation for preferential treatment of members of one's own group may seem obvious, there exist certain kinds of ingroup bias that operate completely on an unconscious level.
Despite being widely used, recently the internal reliability of the visual probe task to assess substance-related attentional bias has been questioned (Ataya et al., 2012).
Parents may better face today's challenges with an understanding of how racial bias works in children, as well as strategies to help them deal with and react to racial differences.