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1. adjective Bisexual; romantically or sexually attracted to both males and females. I had boyfriends all throughout high school and college, but I'm finding myself really attracted to a woman at the gym. I think I might be bi.
2. adjective Of or relating to bisexuality or bisexual people. I'm part of the bi community on campus. We run an outreach program for students who need support or have questions about their sexuality.
3. noun A bisexual person. I'm the only bi in our group of friends—the others are all either straight or gay.

bi now, gay later

LGBT slang The idea that one identifies as bisexual only briefly before ultimately identifying as homosexual. A pun on the phrase "buy now, pay later," referring to purchases made in installments. Potentially offensive. A: "I have a huge crush on Will, but he's bi, so all the girls at the club will be my competition too. Ugh." B: "Don't worry about it too much, Ted. You know what they say: 'Bi now, gay later.'" The "bi now, gay later" mentality that some people have drives me nuts. As if being bi isn't a valid thing!
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disaster bi

slang A bisexual person who is struggling in some area or areas of their life. Typically used as a humorous self-identifier. The term originated from a meme that references a 3x3 Dungeons and Dragons character alignment chart and allows one to identify as "gay," "bi," or "lesbian," and to categorize their ability as "distinguished," "functional," or "disaster." I just feel like everything in my life is falling apart right now. Textbook disaster bi. Oh, my sweet disaster bi. You will find love one day.
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1. n. one of the biceps. (Bodybuilding. Typically BI. Usually plural.) I have to work on my BIs and then build up my thighs.
2. mod. bisexual. Suddenly she suspected that she was getting involved in some sort of strange bi activities.
3. n. a bisexual person. This information of interest only to bis and gays.
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