beyond means

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beyond (one's) means

Exceeding one's available finances. If you keep living beyond your means, you'll deplete your bank account before you know it. Unfortunately, I can't go on the trip anymore—it's just beyond my means these days.
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beyond one's means

more than one can afford. I'm sorry, but this house is beyond our means. Please show us a cheaper one. They feel that a Caribbean cruise is beyond their means.
See also: beyond, mean
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Generally, luxurious life style or living beyond means is a cause of low national savings rate as seen in US.
This tendency to live beyond means, spurred by Gulf bonanza, has led to runaway inflation to the grave detriment of the national economy.
ISLAMABAD -- Accountability Court Islamabad judge Mohammad Bashir directed the NAB prosecutor to bring joint investigation team (JIT) head Wajid Zia and investigation officer Nadir Abbas in the assets beyond means corruption reference against former finance minister Ishaq Dar , to court for recording of their statements on February 8.
ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad High Court on Tuesday raised a number of questions over several orders passed by the accountability court conducting the trial of former finance minister Ishaq Dar in connection with National Accountability Bureau (NAB)'s reference accusing him of amassing assets beyond means.
Similarly, former Balochistan Chief Minister (CM) Aslam Raisani is accused of illegal use of power and owning assets beyond means, and the cases are facing delay.
Living beyond means leads to temptation of taking bribes and kickbacks.
While recording statement in assets beyond means corruption reference against Ishaq Dar , prosecution witness Commissioner (Inland Revenue) Ishtiaq Ahmad informed the court as per the income tax return of Ishaq Dar in 1993 the value of his total assets stood at Rs91.
The petition said multiple references in a case allegedly involving acquisition of assets beyond means is unprecedented and, as such, is manifestly discriminatory and in violation of the petitioner's fundamental rights as guaranteed under Article 25 of the Constitution.
Earlier, the NAB officials produced police inspector Ismael before Accountability Court Judge Najam ul Hassan and submitted that the accused had accumulated assets beyond means.
However, soon this facility becomes a bad habit as people develop the habit of living beyond means.
Meanwhile, the court recorded statements of three more prosecution witnesses in the assets beyond means corruption reference against the former finance minister.
The reference against Ishaq Dar is related to possession of assets beyond means.
ISLAMABAD -- Former secretary Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Kanwar Dilshad has expressed that returning officers (ROs) had been empowered beyond means through Public Representation Act.
Because of our addiction to living beyond means and borrowing money we lost our sovereignty over this subcontinent.
Hajwari Trust's accounts were frozen in connection with the assets beyond means corruption reference against former finance minister Ishaq Dar by the NAB authorities.