beyond (something)

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beyond (something)

1. Physically past something. The store is just beyond that hill—you'll see it soon enough.
2. Having rectified some problem or situation. Now that we're beyond those financial issues, I finally feel less stressed.
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*beyond someone or something

1. on the other side of something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) When we get beyond this bad road, I'll have to check the tires. I have to get beyond the large gentleman standing in the hall.
2. finished with someone or something; having solved the problems relating to someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; move ~.) Things will be better when we get beyond this financial crisis. When the country gets beyond the current situation, things will have to get better.
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/without doubt
Without question; certainly; definitely.
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"We have a few winners - the deer and carnivores - but if you look beyond it's difficult to see many native species that look like they're doing well or increasing," she said.
The points are overloaded by the conductor beyond it's capacity.
"We know that the importance of the house is beyond it's potential sale price in the market place.
And I have no words, beyond it's even more than I could've ever imagined."
01446 792230 FILM Star Trek Beyond It's the UK's opening weekend of the latest blockbuster film from the hit sci-fi franchise that stars Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Idris Elba as the lizard-like dictator Krall and Simon Pegg - who also wrote the screenplay - as Scotty.
I honestly couldn't say, beyond it's what you do if you can't/won't wait for your other half to do it or maybe you just like to be a bit different.
The company said the solution offers flexible options for organizations that need endpoint data protection to tackle challenges and complexities around data management that are beyond IT's traditional reach.
complexities around data management beyond IT's traditional reach," said Rama
The SHARP award recognizes LifeSpan's efforts that go above and beyond it's existing third-party certification requirements, such as e-Stewards, and the ability to achieve and maintain a safe workplace.
"Currently our largest energy challenge is with equipment that is way beyond it's expected life cycle," says Ruff of Abilene Christian.
Over the past decades, Taiz has spread far beyond it's two ancient gates.
And boss Whitey Anderson is urging organisers to do everything in their power to ensure it lives beyond it's current deal.
"We, the delegates, recognise that there are multiple values that a society seeks to realise from water, beyond it's obvious economic and health benefits.
Administration-hit Rangers celebrated a victory on Tuesday after a court ruled that the SFA acted beyond it's powers in imposing a 12-month signing ban.