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beyond (someone or something)

1. Very difficult for one to comprehend or do. Why she loves sports so much is beyond me. Personally, I never saw the appeal of running around and getting sweaty. Of course I'm calling a professional—installing a new heater is beyond me.
2. Physically past something. The store is just beyond that hill—you'll see it soon enough.
3. Having rectified some problem or situation. Now that we're beyond those financial issues, I finally feel less stressed.
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*beyond someone or something

1. on the other side of something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) When we get beyond this bad road, I'll have to check the tires. I have to get beyond the large gentleman standing in the hall.
2. finished with someone or something; having solved the problems relating to someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; move ~.) Things will be better when we get beyond this financial crisis. When the country gets beyond the current situation, things will have to get better.


/without doubt
Without question; certainly; definitely.
References in classic literature ?
With the subsistence of the sea, we were able to go to work upon the damaged engines to some effect, and I also set men to examining the gravitation-screen generators with a view to putting them in working order should it prove not beyond our resources.
Yet with the gruesome experiences of the day behind him, he could not but momentarily expect some insane outbreak from beyond the hangings.
He felt of the obstruction carefully with his hands until he was assured that it was indeed a ladder and that a solid wall was just beyond it, ending the corridor.
That he could live to cross the lion-infested forest beyond the city was doubtful, and having, by some miracle, won to the desert beyond, his fate would be certainly sealed; but yet he was consumed with but one desire--to leave behind him as far as possible this horrid city of maniacs.
He had proceeded some little way beyond a point where the street curved abruptly to the east before he discovered a location sufficiently to his liking.
Beyond was a steep declivity to the shore of a placid, inland sea, upon the quiet surface of which lay several beautiful islands.
A cry of rage rose from the owner of the primitive craft, and an instant later his heavy, stone-tipped spear grazed my shoulder and buried itself in the bow of the boat beyond.
In the current fiscal year, Beyond expects to post a pre-tax operating profit of around $2.
May 1, 2003--Special NYC Workshop Presentation "Implementing Beyond Budgeting in a Not-for-Profit World.
Eco-Efficiency established the new state of the art for those early efforts, moving beyond mere defensive reaction against regulation to such proactive, profitable activities as waste reduction, pollution prevention, energy-efficiency measures, and rudimentary recycling.
com training courseware will be added as a line item into Beyond.
The Society has already exploited many opportunities to move beyond its original boundaries.
In the TAM, the IRS concluded that the commission payments resulted in the company's acquiring an asset with a life extending substantially beyond the close of the tax year in which the contracts were entered into that could be expected to provide economic benefits extending substantially beyond the close of the tax year.
A camp leader looks beyond money for ways to provide quality programs.