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beware the ides of March

A phrase used to foreshadow something bad. "Ides" refers to the 15th day of the month. In the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar, a prophet tells Caesar to "beware the ides of March"—and Caesar is subsequently killed on that day. You have History next period? Well, beware the ides of March—Mr. Smith is in a bad mood today and gave us extra homework.
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beware of (someone or something)

Be cautious or mindful of something or someone, especially something or someone that might pose a danger of some kind. Beware of the boss today—he's been yelling at everyone he sees. Beware of their dog, he's vicious!
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beware of Greeks bearing gifts

Be skeptical of a present or kindness from an enemy. The phrase refers to the Trojan horse, a gift to the Trojans from which Greek soldiers emerged and conquered Troy. A: "I can't believe the opposing team made us cupcakes before the big game!" B: "Yeah, I'd beware of Greeks bearing gifts if I were you."
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Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Prov. Do not trust an opponent who offers to do something nice for you. (A line from the story of the Trojan horse, as told in Vergil's Aeneid.) Jill: I can't believe Melanie brought me cookies today, when we've been fighting for weeks. Jane: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. She probably has ulterior motives. When the rival company invited all his employees to a Christmas party, Tom's first impulse was to beware of Greeks bearing gifts, but then he upbraided himself for being paranoid.
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beware of someone or something

to be cautious and watchful about someone or something. Beware of Ted. He's acting irrational. You should beware of the dog.
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Let the buyer beware.

Prov. Cliché When you buy something, you must take precautions against being cheated, because you cannot trust merchants to be honest about what they sell. Let the buyer beware when shopping for a used car. Several of the lamps among those Max offered for sale were broken. "If a customer isn't smart enough to try a lamp before he buys it, that's his problem," Max argued. "Let the buyer beware."
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beware (or fear) the Greeks bearing gifts

if rivals or enemies show apparent generosity or kindness, you should be suspicious of their motives. proverb
This proverb refers to the Trojan priest Laocoon's warning in Virgil 's Aeneid: ‘timeo Danaos et dona ferentes ’, in which he warns his countrymen against taking into their city the gigantic wooden horse that the Greeks have left behind on their apparent departure. The fall of Troy results from their failure to heed this warning.
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