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between someone

 and someone else and between something and something else
Fig. [of a choice] existing between a selection of people or a selection of things. The choice is between Fred and Jill. It's between chocolate cake and cherry pie.
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A more in-depth analysis revealed that these five universities had not only high degree (the extent to which a university is directly cited by other universities) but also high betweenness, meaning that these universities lay between the citation paths of other universities within the network.
Moreover, the special features of this classification for the ordered projective planes (and thus for betweenness planes) are discussed in [47] (see also [48]).
five users and teacher) Evaluation Table 2 The Centralization of Participation in Virtual Designing Groups of Sent messages Received messages Measure participants of betweenness n M SD M SD M SD Team 1 4 4.
It is a highly cinematic scene, but one that could only make sense in a book, where Tomey's Turl's racial betweenness articulates itself through the interplay of black ink and white page in an uncertain fictional register under the reader's moving eye.
A supplier with high betweenness centrality in a supply network acts as a pivot that transmits materials along a supply chain.
Source: the Author Business Degree Closeness Betweenness Eigenvector Association City of Casey 0.
There is a common sense that betweenness centrality is an important structural attribute of social networks (e.
Voice, framing, and scale also create the quality of betweenness.
In 1931 Sarv [10] proposed a self-dependent axiomatics for the betweenness relation in the arbitrary dimension n, extending Veblen's approach so that all axioms of connection, including also those concerning lines, planes, etc.
The first, Dressing and Performing Bodies: Aboriginal Women, Imperial Eyes and Betweenness, studies Aboriginal women's struggle for the survival of their way of life and their liberty.
His way of reading him and Cavell into the shared trope of immigrancy leads to what I take to be his own resolutely heartening communique that given the unending givenness of "our betweenness, our immigrant not-quite-at-homeness, not-quite homelessness" (234), we would do well to be as alertly wary of settling into the dogmatic slumbers of a glibly untested skepticism as of stalling ourselves in the dour closures and prescriptions of dogma.
His account relates the formal and thematic betweenness of `Marina' to its `between' position in the oeuvre: it comes into being at a moment where Eliot's thought stands poised between religion and humanism (pp.
Betweenness defines Maso's writing practice: the text hovers between poetry and prose, lyric and narrative.
It introduces betweenness, dynamic consistency, value of information, common ratio, and preference reversal and presents various axiomatic approaches to the model.
CONNECT provides a platform via which to apply major network-analysis methods, including hubness ranking, betweenness centrality and barycenter ranking.