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between someone

 and someone else and between something and something else
Fig. [of a choice] existing between a selection of people or a selection of things. The choice is between Fred and Jill. It's between chocolate cake and cherry pie.
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The vocabulary of interality is rich with terms relevant to movement toward interdependence, terms that might function well as topoi or places of rhetorical invention, terms such as openness, throughness, betweenness, networks, relational positions, supplement, wholeness, balance, hybridity, symbiosis, and reciprocity, all taken in a context of escape into spaces where connections are made and relationships flow together.
The lncRNA ceRNAs had a higher betweenness centrality than mRNA ceRNAs in the lncRNA-mediated ceRNAs network (LMCN).
We use our tools in the space of betweenness to keep that space open, to arrest ourselves in it, to "stay with the trouble" (Haraway, 2016), to slow down and appreciate the irrational (Stengers, 2011), to stick with the nothing of queer failure in order to find a radical new way of being in the world and in relation to each other (Halberstam, 2011).
An additional pattern emerges from the computation of the weighted betweenness centrality of the directed network (WBC.
Gephi facilitate network analysis by calculating complex network parameters like average clustering coefficients, shortest paths, and node degrees, as well as centrality measures like stress centrality, betweenness centrality, and closeness centrality.
Yan and Ding (2009) indicated that co-authorship centrality measures are significantly associated with citation counts, with betweenness centrality having the strongest association.
Road network traffic Accessibility index was measured by Closeness, Betweenness and Straightness.
Our idea comes from the observation that only a few nodes with high betweenness centrality are repeatedly present in many overlay paths [11][13].
From left to right the columns are: the anonymized iDs that correspond to the students who participated in the online discussion forum; the number of postings by that student; the in-degree centrality; the out-degree centrality; and finally, the betweenness centrality.
Interestingly, we find that values of degree and betweenness are correlated with each other strongly and the node with high betweenness tends to possess large degree.
the degree, closeness, and betweenness centralities) were also adopted to profile the centrality features of the most central works in the YCLT co-citation network.
There are different measures of centrality used in network analysis: They are degree centrality, betweenness, closeness and eigenvector centrality.
However, as outlined above, to find which nodes were the most influential, it was necessary to measure betweenness centrality, that is, to identify the nodes being retweeted and mentioned the most.
The topological properties of nodes were characterized by the regional node measures, including the clustering coefficient C ( i ), the characteristic path length L ( i ), global efficiency E [sub]glob ( i ), local efficiency E [sub]loc ( i ) and two nodal centrality parameters: the strength S ( i ) and normalized betweenness b ( i ).
The latter also lags behind his predecessors in terms of betweenness centrality.