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between someone

 and someone else and between something and something else
Fig. [of a choice] existing between a selection of people or a selection of things. The choice is between Fred and Jill. It's between chocolate cake and cherry pie.
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It is random walk betweenness centrality and based on traversal network with random walk.
Among them, only one (samhq7) is large (i.e., has a high level of betweenness centrality), followed by sumonsmOO.
In a weighted graph G with N nodes, the betweenness centrality B ( i ) of a node i is calculated as the fraction of shortest paths between pairs of other nodes that pass through the node i , which representing that the central node i plays a pivotal role in control over the information transfer within the graph.
For instance, if one follows the approach proposed in the next section, and constructs a network of coworker ties between the members of the previous and current (17th and 18th) Central Committee, Xi Jinping ranks higher than Hu Jintao in betweenness centrality already at the end of 2012.
(79) Betweenness centrality is the best measure of the "most
But that seems hopeless in the cases at hand, since the necessities of the betweenness relations among colors or ratios appear to be in no way logical.
Thus, because increased network betweenness provides increased access to resources that facilitate innovation, we expect that:
"A Set of Measures of Centrality Based on Betweenness." Sociometry 40: 35-41.
Junctionality and Transversality: Weighted Degrees and Current Flow Betweenness
First, each centrality index (Degree and Betweenness) was calculated separately for each node (organization) in the network.
Table 5 contains cited documents in terms of betweenness centrality.
degree, closeness, and betweenness centrality measures for both point centrality and graph centrality i.e.