between the/(one's) ears

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between the/(one's) ears

In the head where the brain is (or should be). Often used in the phrase "have nothing between the/(one's) ears" to suggest that one does not have much common sense or basic intelligence. She seems nice enough, but I get the sense that she has nothing between her ears. Jake always goes out with really attractive guys that have nothing between the ears.
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between your ears


between the ears

If someone has nothing or little between their ears or between the ears, they are not clever. Footballers often have a reputation of not having much between the ears. He doesn't have a lot between the ears. Note: These expressions are usually used light-heartedly.
See also: between, ear
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Charged, intimate, even frightening scenarios are unfurled in the first person, in the private space between one's ears: "I'm blindfolded, my hands tied behind me.
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