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this about your own friend, whom you knew so much better yourself, yet you see that even you did not know how nobly he tried to undo the wrong he had done you; and now I think I know why he kept it to himself.
You couldn't have done much better yourself, could you--eh--could you?' With such inquires, and many more such, Mr Lillyvick jerked his elbow into Nicholas's side, and chuckled till his face became quite purple in the attempt to keep down his satisfaction.
"You should always be encouraged to try to better yourself and see if you can handle playing on stages like against Falkirk on their pitch where you know most of the game you're going to be defending."
"It was just important to always try to better yourself in any way that you can."
She believes that "the motive to better yourself and be of service for others is not [the only lesson] of Ramadan.
If you have the power to make others feel better, you may feel better yourself. See for volunteering opportunities.
That's a lot of time spare that can be filled with trying to better yourself physically and mentally.
It takes a conscious effort to do this but once you get the hang of it, work does not become work but becomes the reward in itself because you see it as an opportunity to better yourself.
Chances are you've made a promise to better yourself in some way this year.
"I like to think I am developing well but you can always better yourself.
"However, I am impressed by the fact that since your release from custody you have taken a variety of steps to better yourself.
"I think you always want to improve and better yourself," Robson said.
You leave to try and better yourself so you need to beat the team that you've left.''
"There is always a chance to better yourself and you can learn from coming sixth to come first.
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