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You feel it's a bit pointless trying to better yourself.
He said: "It is good because if you train with good players you will become better yourself.
But like any other loss, you respond and better yourself.
Angeline would encourage school leavers to do an Apprenticeship saying "I would tell a young person to definitely do an Apprenticeship, it gives you the opportunity to better yourself and get a better job.
Being on benefits is nothing to be embarrassed about but it shouldn't mean you can't better yourself.
So why not take every opportunity to harness every available resource to add to your repertoire of skills, knowledge and behaviour to better yourself and your community?
Every one of my players pay PS9 a week to play but you always have to better yourself, and if they can go and play at a higher standard, get themselves a few quid every week, and then come back to Crumlin Star at a later stage, then they have to try and do that.
When you stop working out to fulfil a social norm and start working out to better yourself, that's when you're going to see change.
Most of us spend hours in a car daily, utilize that time to better yourself and learn.
I'd always fancied being in the Navy because you're trying to serve your country and better yourself at the same time," he said.
But at the same time you still want to better yourself.
The album closes with Stamping Their Feet, which considers the problems of small-town mentality "It isn't about the band and whatever struggles we've faced, it's more that we're stamping our feet to the idea of dreaming big, that one day people can follow the idea that you can better yourself," says Ross.
I've learned in life that if you always strive to better yourself, you will be rewarded.
It shows what can be achieved if you stick at it and want to better yourself.
It's the biggest competition in the rugby world, it's about going there and enjoying time off the pitch as well as going there to better yourself as a player.