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As our little Georgiana said, three five-pound notes are better than nothing, and if you sell a necklace you can buy things with the produce.
BEIRUT: The alternative to the National Dialogue is civil strife and the presence of the current government is better than nothing, Progressive Socialist Party official Khaled Saab said.
It's better than nothing, of course, but it seems very insignificant compared to the 1,800 houses currently unoccupied in Cardiff, according to the council's own website.
OBVIOUSLY a point wasn't quite what Everton needed against Blackburn, but overall it was better than nothing at all.
Mr Cave should be congratulated for being able to manage this without compromising the quality of the building, but I find it a little sad when he says that "something is better than nothing.
A Spanish businessman said "That is better than nothing, but if you are not on the priority list you are out of luck for now, and if you don't strike a new deal forget your money for the time being, at the least," he said.
He said: "A point is a point and is better than nothing but I have to concede that Newtown had the better of things, although we kept plugging away right to the end.
If he can't do it, Bernstein could extend the repayment date, because something is better than nothing.
It is better than nothing and I wouldn't want to advise people not to take it.
While perhaps anything is better than nothing, I think the time spent looking all over for a vaguely identified potential target is more dangerous than flying the airplane.
Plain water is better than nothing, but sports drinks are probably best," says Dr.
Criticize their new bond and lawmakers will have a familiar response at the ready: ``Something is better than nothing.
Alcohol-based hand gels "are better than nothing, but in areas where soap mad water are available, people should use those first," Moe says.
However, something is better than nothing, and the fact that at least some deserving people (women being the recipients in a lot of instances) are receiving much-needed financial help should not be dismissed.
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