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"It is something that we need to better ourselves with.
Envy can spur us on to better ourselves, guilt to repair our relationships and anger to fight injustice.
We must decide for ourselves how to change and what choices to make to better ourselves and the world.
We must not be careful not to abandon reading or just engage in idling away in frivolous reading but we must use reading as a tool to better ourselves.
'We need our rivals to better ourselves, we need competitors so we can go beyond ourselves,' said Villarin.
Let's understand our weaknesses and train ourselves to improve them, understand our goals and how we can better ourselves to attain them.
Our fleet is reliable, we are proud of our response times and we are always working hard to better ourselves." Mr Docherty said he also believed having more defibrillators was the way to go.
"So we're just looking to carry it on now, to try to better ourselves, and look forward to next season."
Krishna Kumar, the general manager (QHSE & Business Excellence) said: "Our Group has always regarded certifications and the steps leading up to it as a way of scrutinising our existing processes so that we can better ourselves and ensure client satisfaction.
He said: 'We had stalled in our coaching skills and Berruto's presence has breathed new life in that perspective and really we intend to use the new skills ahead of the league and generally better ourselves going forward.'
"Even though we ourselves are trying to work up the corporate ladder and we are trying to better ourselves, we can't better ourselves unless we have people around us who are going to do that,"
We want our way, yet God, like a loving parent, is trying to show us a new way to better ourselves. Instead of reaching out for His loving kindness and looking at a new way to do something, we stick to our stubborn, childish ways of rebellion and decide, "I'll do it myself," thus, keeping us stuck in something that doesn't fit us anymore.
We could not have said it better ourselves. Thanks for taking the time to single them out.
'We should seek understanding and to better ourselves. There is no need to rush to win back power, lest we end up as another government to be rejected by the rakyat in the next general election,' Asyraf said.
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