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My father and mother, since they are both dead, I shall be no nearer to in Essendean than in the Kingdom of Hungary, and, to speak truth, if I thought I had a chance to better myself where I was going I would go with a good will.
I, for one, could certainly not have put it better myself.
Plus, I currently have two jobs and was thinking of trying to better myself by studying for a degree.
Going to school serves a purpose, helps me better myself, than just sitting around.
I feel I'm starting to strike the ball better myself and it should be a good game.
I was concentrating on how to win matches for India and how to better myself because I did not get many runs in the World Cup.
I've spent 10 years in Australia trying to better myself and in a night everything can be taken away.
I'm one of these people who always strives to better myself and the team.
For me personally, I like to be busy and occupied and try to better myself.
I think the foundation stones for times like this are set over a number of years and I've worked very hard during my career to better myself and to reach this stage.
He said: ''I'm very happy with my role at Gala but like anyone else I would like to better myself and test my abilities at a higher level.
The bad ones often made me feel I could do better myself.
McGee commented after the draw: "I'm confident given the way things have worked out on the draw, I couldn't have placed them better myself and if we can trap the way she has been, we will be long gone.
I should be able to continue to expand and grow and be able to better myself.
The former Manchester United academy star said: "I'm always wanting to score goals and to try to better myself and to surpass what I'd done after a good season last time is really pleasing.