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Well then," said Sancho, "let the island come; and I'll try and be such a governor, that in spite of scoundrels I'll go to heaven; and it's not from any craving to quit my own humble condition or better myself, but from the desire I have to try what it tastes like to be a governor.
My father and mother, since they are both dead, I shall be no nearer to in Essendean than in the Kingdom of Hungary, and, to speak truth, if I thought I had a chance to better myself where I was going I would go with a good will.
I couldn't have done better myself, and you will forgive my saying that you have never in your life done half so well.
I could have done it better myself, I verify believe
I hope one day I can be forgiven, and Im going to take every day of your sentence to try to better myself.
I couldn't have put it better myself and my colleagues and I continue to value his support.
Next season I am moving up an age group so I've got to get in some hard sessions during the winter to better myself, but the goal has got to be the Junior World Championships which would be the biggest achievement.
It doesn't hurt to have a little friendly competition either; this pushes me to better myself and drives me to new heights.
Amelia Lily finished third on the X Factor series in 2011 and joined the cast of American Idiot the musical four years later playing the part of 'Whatsername' - couldn't have put it better myself.
In her victim impact statement, the girl said she had put herself in this "complicated and sensitive process mainly to ensure the protection of other children but also as closure for myself so I continue to heal and better myself ".
I am still trying to better myself each and every time I have the opportunity to race.
I have to respect my club, but at the same time I'm always open to trying to better myself.
Every time someone said I had given a good performance, my challenge would be to better myself the next time.
Years of looking in the mirror, trying to better myself, push myself, it's all been about me, me, me.
I'm hoping to better myself playing in the Premier League.