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Amelia's maid was profuse in condolences, but went off quite resigned to better herself in a genteeler quarter of the town.
In Downton Abbey, Gwen leaves the stately home to better herself as a secretary, before returning for the show's finale.
Mildred, though, saw a chance to better herself and become upwardly mobile.
He told how she came to court with "an overwhelming sense of dread" while striving to better herself in a stable home, working with agencies and giving negative drug tests.
With guidance from the Rosenbachs and their elderly maid, Malka, she has a chance to better herself through education.
Destiny Thomas has started this journey with nothing but hope and fought everyday to survive and better herself.
Taking up competitive sport wasn't part of the plan but Karen seems well suited to it as she is driven by a desire to better herself.
She tries to better herself by asking for feedback, and then applying suggestions.
Kelly, 35, has long been ridiculed for wanting to better herself - to have a career in acting rather than as a glamour model.
Awada said that education was the most important thing to her and she wants to better herself so she doesn't have to be a waitress for the rest of her life.
However, instead of mulling over the thoughts why their relationship ended and reliving the happy memories she had with McIlroy, she decided to better herself by flying to Miami.
She was constantly trying to better herself and although she had a job at a local packaging company, she was weeks away from starting an evening accountancy course at college.
It tells the story of Rita (played by Julia Doorne), a young working class Liverpudlian who wants to better herself by studying literature.