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She desired nothing better herself. Till you chose to turn her into a friend, her mind had no distaste for her own set, nor any ambition beyond it.
Amelia's maid was profuse in condolences, but went off quite resigned to better herself in a genteeler quarter of the town.
Carol Crawford said: "So sad for a mother who is out working to better herself and make a better life for her boys.
'She is strong and powerful, lives her life with purpose and always strives for greatness, whether working on her advocacies or working to better herself,' Corrales said.
In a lighter vein, Do Our Best (August 1 to 25, Underbelly) stars Remy Beasley as Sophie, a selfobsessed young woman whose mother has recently died - so, in an attempt to better herself and fight off her own grief, she decides to try and earn her Girl Guides Entertainers badge at the fourth time of asking.
What follows is Mary's attempts to better herself through adultery, bigamy, fraud and murder.
Bridget documents her attempts to better herself in a brutally honest journal, often while drinking red wine and singing along to All By Myself.
Julie Walters starred as the hairdresser who wants to better herself by studying literature, while Michael Caine played her jaded open University professor.
Magazine , an unnamed "friend" reveals that Gomez, 26, has been seeking guidance from a wellness guru to better herself. 
Richard Edwards, for Jones, said she planned to spend her time in prison constructively, and better herself educationally in readiness for her return to the community.
She mixed in a circle of fun-loving friends and students, attended university to better herself as a person and spoke Spanish.
Evangeline Taylor, 17, from Staffordshire, has been awarded the NAF Shining Star for September for her dedication to better herself and her riding, her calm outlook and an ambassador for Academy riders
The only option to better herself is to marry someone.' After being fired from her teaching position by Miss Pinkerton (Suranne Jones), Becky strikes up a friendship with pupil Amelia Sedley (Claudia Jessie) and uses it to get close to her rich brother.
Olivia Cooke, who plays Becky, said: "Becky is completely blinkered in her quest to better herself. She goes way above her station, class and gender - which was unheard of at that time."