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In the end, he abandoned all other forms of wager, and gave himself up to "I'll bet the Devil my head," with a pertinacity and exclusiveness of devotion that displeased not less than it surprised me.
He made first-rate strokes himself, and began to bet against Lydgate's strokes, the strain of whose nerves was thus changed from simple confidence in his own movements to defying another person's doubt in them.
It was not an improving custom, I own, gentle reader, and led to making books, and betting, and other objectionable results; but when our great Houses of Palaver think it right to stop the nation's business on that day and many of the members bet heavily themselves, can you blame us boys for following the example of our betters?
Well, I'll bet you half a dozen of claret on it; come
and you bet your bottom dollar, Johnny, it AIN'T just as easy as it is for a cat to have twins
Seegars, I bet you -- and cost five cents apiece, solid cash.
I bet there's been pirates on this island before, boys.
The pipes began to be puffed in a silence which had an air of severity; the more important customers, who drank spirits and sat nearest the fire, staring at each other as if a bet were depending on the first man who winked; while the beer-drinkers, chiefly men in fustian jackets and smock-frocks, kept their eyelids down and rubbed their hands across their mouths, as if their draughts of beer were a funereal duty attended with embarrassing sadness.
The people are many," said Chaka, "yet, Mopo, I bet thee fifty head of cattle that they will not fill the donga.
I will bet twenty thousand pounds against anyone who wishes that I will make the tour of the world in eighty days or less; in nineteen hundred and twenty hours, or a hundred and fifteen thousand two hundred minutes.
He may be simple about simple things like food, but you bet he's luxurious about luxurious things, especially little things.
Dolokhov was holding the Englishman's hand and clearly and distinctly repeating the terms of the bet, addressing himself particularly to Anatole and Pierre.
I never bet in the teeth of a pat hand," he said slowly, looking at the saloon-keeper.
There's one thing I'll bet you," he said, "and it is that Mr.
I bet your daddy and your mother cantered away with the ribbons in their day.