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betroth someone to someone

to promise someone in marriage to someone else. The king betrothed his daughter to a prince from the neighboring kingdom. She betrothed herself to one of the peasant boys from the village.
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While the women fail in these first attempts to solicit their lovers, they later succeed, or at least each thinks she does, when each betroths herself while in Cripple's shop.
In his suit, Frank is championed successfully by the drawer whose plots deceiv e Phillis into believing she betroths herself to him and deceive the Flowers into believing that Ferdinand and Anthony have withdrawn their suits.
Ignoring Rav's dictum, accordingly, necessitated justification and no little manipulation--which is precisely what the great Tosafist scholars of twelfth-century France supplied and did, saying: "[As for the statement that] it is forbidden for a man to betroth his daughter when she is under age, .