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betroth (someone or oneself) to (someone)

1. To arrange a marriage between two people. Is it true that Lady Edith's family really betrothed her to that horrid man?
2. To agree or vow to marry someone. A: "Why would Alice betroth herself to someone so disreputable?" B: Well, he does have money."
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betroth someone to someone

to promise someone in marriage to someone else. The king betrothed his daughter to a prince from the neighboring kingdom. She betrothed herself to one of the peasant boys from the village.
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While the women fail in these first attempts to solicit their lovers, they later succeed, or at least each thinks she does, when each betroths herself while in Cripple's shop.
Moreover, the problem was complicated by the opinion that grooms were legally--halachically--married, even if they had been forced into a betrothal.(44) In the sixteenth century, however, Moshe Isserles denounced this opinion as null and void, explaining that the legal justification forcing a man to become betrothed, the subsequent right of a husband unilaterally to divorce his wife, had been invalidated in the twelfth century.
Similarly, Shoshanah, representing God in Betrothed, faces a sickness of love (when she is betrayed by Jacob's decision to go to New York) that is reminiscent of the pangs of love, holat ahavah, experienced by the feminine Israel (Shoshanah) in her love of God (her male lover) in Song of Songs.
Arthur and Henry's father, King Henry VII, was interested in keeping Catherine's dowry, so 14 months after her husband's death she was betrothed to the young Henry.
That would be Amneris (Sherie Rene Scott), who transports us back to ancient Egypt, where she's betrothed to Radames (Pascal), a warrior who's next in line for pharaoh but who becomes smitten with a Nubian slave he's captured, who turns out to be Princess Aida (Headley).
Part of denying ourselves, of renouncing claim on ourselves, comes when we recognize that we are not our own creation - we belong, in part, to those to whom we have betrothed ourselves.
Again, this is very difficult to document, for illegitimate daughters of noble women usually appear in the records only when they are betrothed or married and illegitimate daughters of lesser women quite were simply of no importance.
The first evening, at the Pillow's Studio Theatre, Dondoro will perform the traditional play Kiyohime Mandara, about a young woman who wreaks vengence when she is betrayed by the monk to whom she is betrothed. The second evening Dondoro will appear by firelight on the Pillow grounds in a ritual dance entitled Keshin, which dramatizes a libidinous encounter between the spirit of the mountains, who is disguised as a fox, and a woman.
Priests force Agamemnon to send his daughter word that Achilles, her betrothed, desires her at Aulis for an immediate marriage.
The betrothed couple held hands as they left Nellos on the Upper East Side, a favourite restaurant of celebrities, after relishing a romantic lunch there.
1839: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were betrothed. She proposed to him and confided to her diary: It was a nervous thing to do, but Albert could not propose to the Queen of England.
It's nice to be able to take a journey back in time to a world when women giggled and promised their betrothed a kiss on the cheek if they were good, and men didn't feel under pressure to moisturise.
Aoi and Kaoru were betrothed as children; Kaoru doesn't even remember, but Aoi has dedicated all her energies to being the perfect wife.
The story revolved around the pretentious and "innocent" Raina who finds a Serbian officer (her betrothed's enemy) in her bedroom.
(1827; The Betrothed ), had immense patriotic appeal for Italians of the nationalistic Risorgimento period and is generally ranked among the masterpieces of world literature.