you (can) bet your boots

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you (can) bet your boots

You can be absolutely certain that something will happen. Sometimes used ironically. You bet your boots I'm going to that concert—I've been saving up for my ticket for months now! Oh, you can bet your boots that Kevin will be late tonight—he's never on time! I lost my umbrella, so you can bet your boots that it's going to rain soon.
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you can bet your boots (or bottom dollar or life)

you may be absolutely certain. informal
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You bet your boots!

exclam. You can be absolutely certain! Am I happy? You bet your boots!
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References in classic literature ?
"You can bet your boots I'd have routed her out fast enough."
"If a man tells you he's a gentleman you can bet your boots he isn't," he retorted.
"Being a 'toilet champion' might not be the most glamorous of causes but I bet your boots that in the community's time of need it will be very much appreciated."
But if any passwords did get into the wrong hands (and you can bet your boots that the crooks are trawling through any old data they might have right now, to see if there is anything they missed before), then you can expect them to be abused.
If Hodgson picked Williamson, even just to see him in training, you can bet your boots there would be an outcry from Little Englanders who couldn't point out Newcastle on a map.
Even if Moyes does buy big in the summer, you can bet your boots City will bring in another marquee player to tighten their grip at the top whether they win the title or not.
But you can bet your boots that there will not be a lot of youngsters from Manchester schools turning out at Old Trafford in the foreseeable future.
And if the test was positive, you could bet your boots that you had found a resistant bacillus.
You can bet your boots that the revitalised Lyle does.
And you can bet your boots that Gee Dee Nen is very far removed from a no-hoper.
"If we thought there was a product out there that we could strike and fight and win, then you can bet your boots we would be striking over it."
You can bet your boots that we'll see similar test spas and spa ranges from P&G, Beiersdorf and L'Oreal, before too long.
It remains to be seen what will be included in Labour's version of patriotism, but you can bet your boots it will include politically-correct policies.