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bestow on (someone)

To gift, grant, or award something to someone. The gift can be named between "bestow" and "on." I can't believe that much responsibility has been bestowed on me—I'm just an intern! Before my grandmother died, she bestowed this vintage coffee table on me.
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bestow something on someone

to give something to someone; to present something to someone. The mere presence of the queen bestowed wisdom and grace on the court. Fine gifts were bestowed on the visiting prince.
See also: bestow, on
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In receiving the ASCAP Golden Note Award, a prestigious honor that the Society bestows on its members, Jermaine Dupri joins a select group of songwriters and composers that includes Sean "P.
Young will be presented with the ASCAP Founders Award, which is one of the most distinguished honors that the Society bestows, paying tribute to pioneering songwriters who have made exceptional contributions to music.
CallCenter's staff of in-house expert writers and editors bestows Product of the Year Awards to companies that "exhibit superior innovation, dedication and the pursuit of excellence in providing products and services for the Call Center market.
The Perkin Medal is considered the chemical industry's highest honor that the society bestows on an individual.
The Communications Solutions Product of the Year award bestows the highest honors upon selected telecommunications products and recognizes those companies that have made an exemplary contribution to voice and data convergence.
A year ago, French Consul General Guy Yelda of Los Angeles presented the highest award France bestows on its citizens and foreign nationals to Kohlars on behalf of French President Jacques Chirac and the people of France.
The award is the highest honor the University bestows upon individuals of exceptional attainment and merit.
The publication only bestows its Editor's Choice award to exceptional, breakthrough products that bring unprecedented capabilities and functionality to the market.