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bestow on (someone)

To gift, grant, or award something to someone. The gift can be named between "bestow" and "on." I can't believe that much responsibility has been bestowed on me—I'm just an intern! Before my grandmother died, she bestowed this vintage coffee table on me.
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bestow something on someone

to give something to someone; to present something to someone. The mere presence of the queen bestowed wisdom and grace on the court. Fine gifts were bestowed on the visiting prince.
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AJK State bestows highest QPM and PPM awards upon him in acknowledgement of outstanding performance in professional duties.
Bestow Mens Fashion Ltd is an online mens accessory shop in Canada and offers a stylish range of mens designer ties including skinny ties, paisley ties, striped ties, silk ties, bow ties, wedding ties, solid color ties and more that can be worn in any formal occasions.
It is God alone who gives, bestows favors or withholds them.
It is the highest accolade the council can bestow and only the fourth award since the council formed in 1974.
Coun Bell said: "We are honoured to be able to bestow this award to Lance Corporal Croucher.
At its annual meeting, the AICPA presented the CPA Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession, the highest award the Institute can bestow, to A.
In his cable, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah appealed to Allah Almighty to bestow his mercy upon the soul of Prince Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and rest him in paradise.
Year 2013 announced by the Arab Association of Economists and Administrators in the European Union, commending His Royal Highness's winning this prestigious award in recognition and appreciation of HRH's leading role and great efforts in consolidating international relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and various countries worldwide, supplicating to Allah the Almighty to bestow the graces of perpetual health, well-being and long life upon His Royal Highness the Prime Minister and to bless his efforts and bestow him with success in continuing the blessed revival to accomplish for the Kingdom of Bahrain's and its people's more welfare, prosperity and advancement.
EXACTLY 100 days after his death, the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo will receive the highest award the country "can bestow on any Filipino.
On addition, the Council of Ministers is proposing to the President to bestow the "Military Merit" order to the 6-member crew of the army helicopter which took part in the rescue effort, including one General.
Blarney Castle is famous for its stone, which is traditionally believed to have the power to bestow eloquence on all those who kiss it.
Mr Levy (below) will receive the honour - the highest the council can bestow upon someone - at a special presentation ceremony next month.
Vermont-The State of Vermont's Supreme Court ordered the state legislature to do what Canada's Liberal federal government is now doing voluntarily; namely to bestow upon active homosexuals-who affirm that they live together and commit sodomy together- all of the legal prerogatives, rights, and social benefits that belong only to husband and wife in marriage.
SOCCER star Roy Keane may have lost the chance of the highest honour his home city can bestow.
The former Beatle had been invited to John Moores University, which wants to bestow him with an Honorary Fellowship.