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besmirch (someone or something) with (something)

To tarnish one's or something's reputation in some way. Don't besmirch my stellar reputation with those lies! A few disgruntled patrons have besmirched the restaurant's reputation with their negative online reviews.
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besmirch someone or something with something

to dirty or soil someone or someone's reputation with something. Please don't continue to besmirch Alice with that gossip. You have besmirched my reputation with your comments. He besmirched her with vile gossip in order to turn people against her.
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I will return at the end of this essay to describe the effects of such a besmirchment on attempts to read Sanctuary "thematically" and, in particular, on what the, book has to say about gender.
It signals the enactment, within this first scene, of a drama that repeats and textually amplifies the modal derangement I've been describing, recasting that mode as the "content" of Sanctuary and permeating the novel's thematic register with the formal effects of an optical besmirchment that the novel will now explicitly link to a confrontation with oral expulsiveness.
Whether by administrative agencies acting arbitrarily against business organizations, or whether by investigating activities of legislative branches, whenever those principles fail, those principles of the protection of an individual and his good name against besmirchment by gossip, hearsay, and the statements of witnesses who are not subject to cross-examination--then, too, we have failed in carrying forward our ideals in respect to democracy.
A couple of weeks more and I reckon Kerry will start crying on TV at the besmirchments of his war record, and it will all be over.