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besmirch (someone or something) with (something)

To tarnish one's or something's reputation in some way. Don't besmirch my stellar reputation with those lies! A few disgruntled patrons have besmirched the restaurant's reputation with their negative online reviews.
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besmirch someone or something with something

to dirty or soil someone or someone's reputation with something. Please don't continue to besmirch Alice with that gossip. You have besmirched my reputation with your comments. He besmirched her with vile gossip in order to turn people against her.
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The incompetency of our elections office has, not for the first time, besmirched the good name of Birmingham.
As a police officer, he abused his position and besmirched the good name of the force by carrying out a series of vile attacks on woman - including rape.
What a pity that our Capital of Culture, which has placed so much emphasis on Merseyside's two great football clubs, should be besmirched by foul-mouthed morons.
Professional integrity was everything to Rannee and she felt hers had been besmirched beyond repair," her brother said last night.
When he was in Copenhagen, Kinsey tracked down a scholar who had amassed voluminous data on Andersen that he could never publish in Denmark because it would have besmirched the reputation of its national hero.
By your decision to absent yourself, you disgraced Wales and besmirched the memory of its fallen heroes.
The Sun believes that someone, somewhere knows who was behind this despicable action, which has falsely brought shame on a great regiment, wrongly besmirched the reputation of British troops in general, and exposed our forces in Iraq to terrible peril.
Drew's dogged earnestness does serve her well in striking the proper tone of moral outrage over the soft-money scandals that besmirched both the 1996 presidential and congressional campaigns.
The distorted facts in that article regarding a relocation and housing project for those affected by the acquisition of the right of way for the LRT extension to Bacoor, Cavite, have besmirched my name and reputation.
The Mother of Parliaments has been besmirched by scandal.
As a football club, Liverpool's dignity over Hillsborough has always shone like a beacon and its commendable conduct should not be allowed to be besmirched by a player who has never looked good enough to represent it on the pitch and who has now shown himself incapable of representing it off it.
Detective Sergeant John Ho (David Yip) is determined to seek out the criminals, who have besmirched his father's good name.
TWO Wales rugby fans who attacked an English train passenger when he objected to their song mocking the England team have besmirched the reputation of other supporters, a judge said yesterday.
In the wake of Bob Woolmer's murder he said: "When you've got something like this happening, which has besmirched this World Cup, we've got to look at absolutely everything in cricket.