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besmirch (someone or something) with (something)

To tarnish one's or something's reputation in some way. Don't besmirch my stellar reputation with those lies! A few disgruntled patrons have besmirched the restaurant's reputation with their negative online reviews.
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besmirch someone or something with something

to dirty or soil someone or someone's reputation with something. Please don't continue to besmirch Alice with that gossip. You have besmirched my reputation with your comments. He besmirched her with vile gossip in order to turn people against her.
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IN THE THEATER OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS A charge of cheating, doping, or hooliganism is inevitably answered by bellowing cries protesting the honor and innocence of besmirched players, coaches, and teams (regardless of the fact that such accusations usually turn out to be true).
Another critic has stooped so low as to snipe at Barolini's book even for its "spectacularly ugly cover" (Steven Botterill, Italica 71.3: 405), which reproduces part of an unattributed Gustave Dore illustration of Inferno 18 in which Dante and Virgil gaze inexplicably downwards (upon, as it turns out in the original wood-block engraving, Thais and flatterers besmirched in excrement).
What she does not deserve is to have her memory besmirched by dirty and disgusting tittle-tattle of dubious authenticity.
Old buildings are touchstones of authenticity in a world increasingly bewildered and besmirched with meaningless signs derived from the past.
McCarthy has been telling us all along that our cultural Father is a pervert, that the Law is besmirched with lewd and irrational pleasures.
I will not run from a fight, especially if my reputation is being besmirched,' he added.
But the inspiring work done by the overwhelming majority must not be besmirched by the failures and neglect of the few.
As a father whose son was in the Leppings Lane on that awful day and whose character and reputation was subsequently besmirched by their lies my response is as follows.
"I haven't besmirched the name of Pakistan....only fulfilled journalistic responsibilities," Asad said.
He said that Birmingham's reputation was again 'besmirched' on May 5 when in Harborne, the ward he represents, an official with two ballot boxes went missing for two-and-a-half hours and when they were found the seals were broken.
THE former clerk of the troubled Sully community council, who resigned claiming his character had been "besmirched", is standing as an independent councillor for the village.
What a pity that our Capital of Culture, which has placed so much emphasis on Merseyside's two great football clubs, should be besmirched by foul-mouthed morons.
"Professional integrity was everything to Rannee and she felt hers had been besmirched beyond repair," her brother said last night.
When he was in Copenhagen, Kinsey tracked down a scholar who had amassed voluminous data on Andersen that he could never publish in Denmark because it would have besmirched the reputation of its national hero.
By your decision to absent yourself, you disgraced Wales and besmirched the memory of its fallen heroes.