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besmirch (someone or something) with (something)

To tarnish one's or something's reputation in some way. Don't besmirch my stellar reputation with those lies! A few disgruntled patrons have besmirched the restaurant's reputation with their negative online reviews.
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besmirch someone or something with something

to dirty or soil someone or someone's reputation with something. Please don't continue to besmirch Alice with that gossip. You have besmirched my reputation with your comments. He besmirched her with vile gossip in order to turn people against her.
See also: besmirch
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I agree that much of this stuff does, indeed, confuse young minds and besmirch our history, but the factual accuracy issue is hardly the major problem.
These people are not only after easy money, they are trying to besmirch my name and that of the incoming President, Lavin a said.
Our country will only rid itself of self-seeking, cynical cheats and liars, if we reject, absolutely, those who besmirch our democracy with the morals of Ali Baba and his six hundred and odd thieves, in the Palace of Westminster.
What will besmirch the good name of Listowel is the sight of 50 or so idiots marching up to Foley in court to shake his hand.
They have brought new shame on the building that was once the envy of the world for its tradition of true democratic and honest governance of its citizens I can only hope that the electorate remember the names of these shysters come the next election and make sure they never have chance to besmirch the office of Member of Parliament again.
Now, the new evil to besmirch the Corinthian spirit is.
We are all fed up with the political scandals which continue to besmirch our nation.
INEVITABLY the snipers are out of the woodwork trying to besmirch the name of George Best.
It is obvious that Governor Remulla's malicious acts are a desperate attempt to discredit, malign, besmirch and taint my good name, which is part of his early politicking gimmicks and election propaganda.
The majority were well-behaved but we mustn't turn a blind eye to the ugly few who besmirch our reputation.
Presidential spokesman George Charamba dismissed the claim as "cheap propaganda" in the British media intended to besmirch Mugabe's name, said the Herald, a government mouthpiece.
Dear Editor, -So Monty Don -supposed TV gardener -believes we should not be eating wonderful British produce from polytunnels as they besmirch the countryside.