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besiege with (something)

1. Literally, to attack with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." We besieged the attacking army with cannon fire.
2. To overwhelm with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." I haven't been able to finish that report because I've been besieged with phone calls all morning. The kids have been besieging me with questions, so I just need a moment of quiet.
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besiege someone or something with something

1. Lit. to attack someone or a group with something. We besieged the enemy with bombs and bullets.
2. Fig. to overwhelm someone or something with something They besieged us with orders for the new book. We besieged the company with complaints.
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By the laws of war the besieger had few obligations to the subjects of an opposition that refused to come to terms, and subjects knew this.
Amir Khan had participated in the siege of Mehrangarh and stayed on during the plunder of Jodhpur but deserted when victory eluded the besiegers.
It gives no opinion on the currently debated issue of whether or not the Munster Anabaptists had genuinely expansionist aims, as the besiegers unceasingly claimed.
50) Comparison with other sieges in the Res Gestae reveals in which context Ammianus chooses to draw his readers' attention to the numbers of combatants: during the Persian campaigns of 359/360 he willingly records the small numbers of Roman defenders with precise figures, (51) whereas the attacking Persians are left comparatively and vaguely huge, (52) but when the tables are turned and the Romans are the besiegers then no details are provided for either side.
1) Formerly, the nominal status of "approach" had been purely military: "In fortification, the several works made by the besiegers for advancing or getting nearer to a fortress" (Chambers 1:119).
The bad attitude of the Electricity Company's directorate of targeting Beirutis by taking them hostage to blackout won't succeed in the face of their besiegers or invaders," Qabbani concluded.
As pearl diving became an important business and trade flourished, further defensive structures were added, including crenellated walls and towers with "murder holes" where stones or combustive material could be dropped on besiegers.
In this account, Kate drove her wagon through the camp of the besiegers and was welcomed by the soldiers inside the fort.
Hawks like Pericles became increasingly unpopular as a result, but amazingly, after losing as many citizens to the plague as they were likely to have lost in a protracted war, the Athenians kept up the fight, trying to take Epidaurus, attacking Troezen, Halieis, and Hermione, and reinforcing the besiegers at Potidaea (who had also caught the plague) (2.
28) At the time of the Fourth Crusade the residents of Constantinople destroyed a lifelike bronze statue of Athena, whose hand seemed to beckon the Latin besiegers into their city.
1) Far from surrendering to their demands, Harley kept her besiegers at bay through a series of carefully phrased letters.
past batteries of besiegers, and that man has won a battle against
The 13th ward seems to be the step stone and also place of negotiation for many besiegers of Constantinopolis, we have noted Tiberius III's anchoring at Sycae, The Umayyads, Avars and Russians put their mark on the Sycae limits; the Crusaders inhabited the ward in 1203.
There was, of course, damage during sieges and in their aftermath, but in many cases the erection of new earthen fortifications about towns and cities, such as London, led to the clearance of houses, and, at Gloucester, people's homes in the suburbs were destroyed by the defenders so that the besiegers could not make use of them during an attack.