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besiege with (something)

1. Literally, to attack with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." We besieged the attacking army with cannon fire.
2. To overwhelm with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." I haven't been able to finish that report because I've been besieged with phone calls all morning. The kids have been besieging me with questions, so I just need a moment of quiet.
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besiege someone or something with something

1. Lit. to attack someone or a group with something. We besieged the enemy with bombs and bullets.
2. Fig. to overwhelm someone or something with something They besieged us with orders for the new book. We besieged the company with complaints.
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(21) Sieges allow armies to keep the enemy geographically contained in urban areas and to prevent their resupply while minimizing the besieger's own casualties by avoiding direct combat.
This last feeble band left the castle in the belief that they were about to join their families and fellow townsfolk beyond the French lines; but as they approached the besiegers the line did not open up for them.
Suddenly a twitter ran through the besiegers, which in no time escalated into agitated body movements.
It is they who were the besiegers of Aleppo and Ghouta, killing thousands of civilians in the process.
The siege continued for six months but the fort held till May 1806 - when, due to scarcity of water and provisions, the besiegers left.
It was also plain that there would be fury in the Security Council when the besiegers administered the coup de grace.
On October 18, 1644, the Scottish besiegers made ready to storm the walls of Newcastle still resolutely if pointlessly held for King Charles by the mayor John Marley.
Ultimately, the desperate besiegers of Troy returned to pick him up, since, according to a prophecy, Philoctetes's his archery skills, given to him by the gods, were supposed to decide about the victory in the Trojan War.
This symmetric representation is carried out in "Some bomb shelters shelter people, some shelter bombs" (Figure 2) as well as in numerous other infographics, where the radically disproportionate power differential and spatial disparity between a besieged population confined to an enclave and its besiegers is depicted as if the two camps were equal and enjoyed the same military and spatial capabilities.
(50) Comparison with other sieges in the Res Gestae reveals in which context Ammianus chooses to draw his readers' attention to the numbers of combatants: during the Persian campaigns of 359/360 he willingly records the small numbers of Roman defenders with precise figures, (51) whereas the attacking Persians are left comparatively and vaguely huge, (52) but when the tables are turned and the Romans are the besiegers then no details are provided for either side.
(1) Formerly, the nominal status of "approach" had been purely military: "In fortification, the several works made by the besiegers for advancing or getting nearer to a fortress" (Chambers 1:119).
"The bad attitude of the Electricity Company's directorate of targeting Beirutis by taking them hostage to blackout won't succeed in the face of their besiegers or invaders," Qabbani concluded.