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besiege with (something)

1. Literally, to attack with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." We besieged the attacking army with cannon fire.
2. To overwhelm with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." I haven't been able to finish that report because I've been besieged with phone calls all morning. The kids have been besieging me with questions, so I just need a moment of quiet.
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besiege someone or something with something

1. Lit. to attack someone or a group with something. We besieged the enemy with bombs and bullets.
2. Fig. to overwhelm someone or something with something They besieged us with orders for the new book. We besieged the company with complaints.
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Most striking, in terms of the popular mythologization of Gibraltar, is the extent to which the historical "facts" of besiegement all (with a recent exception) occurred within a historical period lasting some five hundred years, but ending more than 200 years ago, with the close of the 18th century.
Much of Putin's attitude, and that of his militocracy, has harmonized with the public sentiment, and his strong stance on separatist terrorism and the encroachment of Atlantic institutions into Russia's neighbourhood are two sides of the same coin: only by strengthening the state at home can Russian power be used to stem separatism and dissuade Western "besiegement" abroad; correspondingly, only by deflecting foreign threats can the process of strengthening the state be continued.
And here is Israel as well, behaving with the arrogance of the unafraid and the superior which - despite that fact - lies in the mentality of fear and besiegement.
'The bunker' is both a physical site as well as an appropriate metaphor for the prevailing sense of besiegement and vulnerability that is felt by communities in the border provinces.
This book provides a magnificent feast of historical detail and literary discussion, but what raises it to an even higher level is the author's sensitivity to the relevance of his material to the besiegement of ecumenical irenicism by the forces of imperialism and fundamentalism today.
prone to a constant sense of besiegement and panic, and punitive and self-righteous." In other words, Blumenthal believes conservatives are mentally ill.
Emma Rich and John Evans' "Re-reading Voice: Young Women, Anorexia and Performative Education" points to the besiegement of state-mediated messages upon today's young women, which have lead to, as they say, "a moral panic" regarding an "obesity epidemic", where "schools have been subjected to a barrage of initiatives and policies, steeped in performance outcomes and targets, in an effort to regulate young people's bodies."
(52) A new ecumenism based upon religious solidarity with evangelical movements based both inside and outside traditional Christian denominations, coupled with a feeling of shared besiegement, promoted links between churches abroad and various churches in the developed world.
Through the eyes of the Iraqis, Shadid offers a wealth of insight into phenomena Americans must contend with as long as we occupy Iraq: the fury of offended Iraqi patriotism, the resurgence of religion among the toppled Sunnis, the besiegement of the Iraqi citizen, and the meaning of the new Shia politics that the United States has ushered to power.
In fact, for Levinas this "willing reason," with its power to seize and appropriate the otherness of things and men ("the venturesome course of the hand"), drives the technological and industrial order of modernity (Totality and Infinity 76): the secret syllogism of modern thought is "I think," therefore "I can." As the comprehension or "besiegement" of Being, ontology is from the first a "theory of power" [puissance].
Still conscious, cut off at the waist to reveal a hollow trunk cavity (a la mode Hieronymus Bosch's Hell from the Garden of Earthly Delights,) and helpless to do anything about his besiegement, he imploringly yet passively stares out at us, as if to say, "neither wisdom nor consciousness will be enough to save us from the leviathan of historical accident, or from ourselves."
Its townspeople tended toward Puritanism after the English Reformation, and in 1644 Anti-Royalist Lyme withstood a two-months' besiegement by Prince Maurice and the Royalist forces.
fevered sense of besiegement about Jesse Jackson, of all people, is
It is hoped that through massive military action, besiegement, and assassination of key Palestinian civil and political leaders, it can force the Palestinians into submission.
Joyce's underlying desire to highlight the importance of the trivial is evident, ultimately, in Bloom's besiegement by fate and chance, but it is a consideration of the degree of control we have over our own lives that echoes most strongly with readers of modern literature, for a preoccupation with free will is one of the defining concerns of modernism.