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besiege with (something)

1. Literally, to attack with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." We besieged the attacking army with cannon fire.
2. To overwhelm with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." I haven't been able to finish that report because I've been besieged with phone calls all morning. The kids have been besieging me with questions, so I just need a moment of quiet.
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besiege someone or something with something

1. Lit. to attack someone or a group with something. We besieged the enemy with bombs and bullets.
2. Fig. to overwhelm someone or something with something They besieged us with orders for the new book. We besieged the company with complaints.
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A series of so-called evacuation deals have seen opposition fighters and civilians leave previously besieged areas for opposition-held Idlib.
Intense air strikes have battered eastern Aleppo since Tuesday when the Syrian army and its allies resumed operations there after a pause lasting weeks, and they staged ground operations against insurgent positions on the front lines of besieged areas on Friday.
The world is watching as those besieged await salvation, and if the superpowers can manage to impose a cease-fire on the various warring factions without being able to open the way for aid, then their agreement and "hyperstatements" belong nowhere but in the dustbin, meaning, unfortunately, that Syrian blood will continue to spill.
estimates that there are currently 592,700 people living under siege in Syria, with the vast majority of them - some 452,700 people - besieged by government forces.
Of the 17 besieged locations that the UN sought to send aid, Ms Pitt said Syria approved 12 requests in full and three partially - Moadamiyeh, Daraya and Douna, where it approved medical assistance, school supplies and milk for children.
WFP carried out over twenty two airdrops over the besieged eastern Syrian city of Deir Ezzor, dropping urgently needed food assistance -- mainly rice, chickpeas, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, bulgur and beans -- to meet the immediate needs of over 100,000 people.
The UN Security Council was meeting behind closed doors to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Syria following the deliveries to Madaya and to two other towns besieged by the rebels: Fuaa and Kafraya.
Ramadi / NINA /-- Chairman of the Board of Anbar province Sabah Krhoot revealed that the Anbar provincial council discuss the issue of providing security for the displaced families who were besieged in the cities of Fallujah, Karmah, Saqlawiya with the government in Baghdad.
Bang Showbiz quoted another insider as saying: "He's been besieged with movie offers and other commercial opportunities.
Levies and Frontier Corps (FC) personnel besieged the entire area to start investigation.
The Ana Politkoviskaya prize was granted for he calls to defend besieged Izidi people in the villages and areas controlled by Da'ish organization.
The head of the 11-member delegation and chairman of the Lower House Palestine Committee, Yahya Saud, said that the Jordanian lawmakers were scheduled to leave Cairo early Wednesday for the besieged coastal territory, but the Jordanian embassy in Egypt advised them not to go ahead with the visit due to turmoil in northern Sinai.
After moving to the Scottish Borders, a young couple find themselves besieged in their new home by a gang of men in masks.
by Muhammad Hassan Hakimi on 6 July, 2014 - 15:05 FIROZKOH (Pajhwok): Commander of an armed group in the Dowlina district of western Ghor besieged 15 families, including children and women, residents said on Sunday.