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besiege with (something)

1. Literally, to attack with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." We besieged the attacking army with cannon fire.
2. To overwhelm with something. A person or group can be named between "besiege" and "with." I haven't been able to finish that report because I've been besieged with phone calls all morning. The kids have been besieging me with questions, so I just need a moment of quiet.
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besiege someone or something with something

1. Lit. to attack someone or a group with something. We besieged the enemy with bombs and bullets.
2. Fig. to overwhelm someone or something with something They besieged us with orders for the new book. We besieged the company with complaints.
See also: besiege
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They endorsed the decision of protest of the KQM to besiege the dehydration plant of OGDCL at Nashpa to stop the crude oil transportation to Rawalpindi and their movement of personnel.
Besiege finished fourth, leaving Cecil over pounds 35,000 adrift of Saeed.
The source noted that "the Peshmerga forces managed to besiege the elements of Daash after its withdrawal from the nearby villages near Owana village and Mosul Dam.
RAWALPINDI, June 14, 2009 (Frontier Star) --The residents of Sadiqabad have threatened to besiege Sihala Police Station against arresting innocent people including a women and registering fake cases against them.
The source said in a statement today: "We want a firm stand by the army to end the suffering of the people of Dhuluiyah who are besieged from all sides, as it was for the army in Amerli area especially that Daash detonated today the last bridge connects Dhuluiyah with the surrounding areas to impose a tight besiege what may cause a major humanitarian crisis.
In press briefings and reports to the Security Council, UN officials regularly acknowledge that President Bashar Assad's government refuses to allow critical aid to enter the areas it besieges - or, at the last moment, it forces relief workers to off-load food and medical supplies from their convoys.
NNA - AN-NAHAR: Salam besieges political forces for first time Today last deadline: Policy Statement or resignation ASSAFIR: "March 14" besieges government by bids .