beside yourself

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beside (oneself)

Very shocked or distraught. I was beside myself when I found out I'd been rejected from my first-choice school. Honestly, we've all been beside ourselves since the funeral.
See also: beside

beside yourself

overcome with worry, grief, or anger; distraught.
See also: beside

beˈside yourself (with something)

unable to control yourself because of the strength of emotion you are feeling: He was beside himself with rage when he found out what she’d done.
See also: beside
References in classic literature ?
Bring ten men, beside yourself, Shandy," commanded Norman of Torn.
You are beside yourself, or you would not say such things.
just got beside yourself, took amiri, knew you was wrong, did the wrong thing.
Are you pregnant and beside yourself with excitement?
Headscratcher: If you are beside yourself, you're not by your own side.
Judge David Harris QC told Poullain: "This was a sustained and vicious assault during much of which you were beside yourself with anger and unjustified jealousy.
If you do feel beside yourself, you're either stood in the world of mirrors at Blackpool pleasure beach, have double vision and you're too drunk to see straight, have had a hefty blow to the head or are actually going blind.
If you're not already beside yourself with excitement, this is as good as it gets.
You'd be surprised how few people beside yourself know about the specific problems confronting you.
I believe unusual stress, usually anger, paranoia, or fear can make you so beside yourself that your inner Hulk could expose itself.
Current tracks from their Marchin' Already album such as Better Day and Beside Yourself were interspersed with favourites from Moseley Shoals and Seasides And Freerides.