beside yourself

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beside (oneself)

Very shocked or distraught. I was beside myself when I found out I'd been rejected from my first-choice school. Honestly, we've all been beside ourselves since the funeral.
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beside yourself

overcome with worry, grief, or anger; distraught.
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beˈside yourself (with something)

unable to control yourself because of the strength of emotion you are feeling: He was beside himself with rage when he found out what she’d done.
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References in classic literature ?
"Bring ten men, beside yourself, Shandy," commanded Norman of Torn.
you ar' getting beside yourself; with picking at the hair and the garments of the child!
Prince, you are the ideal of generosity; what are other men beside yourself? But you are young--accept my blessing!
You are beside yourself, or you would not say such things.
But you also appear to have tarnished your reputation, and could be simply beside yourself. Don't fret.
"All the time, we forget the cameras are rolling because you're with a group of women who you love and they make you feel comfortable and you're sitting at the desk and think, 'Ooh I've got something to say', then you say it and before you can stop your mouth from speaking it's coming out and you're sort of sitting beside yourself watching yourself saying something that you really shouldn't be.
The first sentence of Ausser sich (Beside yourself)--"Ich weiss nicht, wohin es geht, alle anderen wissen es, ich nicht" (I don't know where we are going; everyone else knows, I don't)--sets the tone for the rest of the novel.
The Greek phrase for it is ex stasis (from which we derive the word ecstasy) which means "to stand aside." When you immerse yourself in a totally delightful activity, you are literally "beside yourself." You forget yourself, your interest, your selfish concerns, because your passion and enthusiasm for cooking engulf you.
You'd be beside yourself, you'd feel furious and robbed.
just got beside yourself, took amiri, knew you was wrong, did the wrong thing.
Are you pregnant and beside yourself with excitement?
Judge David Harris QC told Poullain: "This was a sustained and vicious assault during much of which you were beside yourself with anger and unjustified jealousy."
If you do feel beside yourself, you're either stood in the world of mirrors at Blackpool pleasure beach, have double vision and you're too drunk to see straight, have had a hefty blow to the head or are actually going blind.