beside (oneself)

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beside (oneself)

Very shocked or distraught. I was beside myself when I found out I'd been rejected from my first-choice school. Honestly, we've all been beside ourselves since the funeral.
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beside oneself (with something)

Fig. in an extreme state of some emotion. I was beside myself with joy. Sarah could not speak. She was beside herself with anger.
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beside oneself

In a state of extreme agitation or excitement, as in She was beside herself when she found she'd lost her ring, or Peter was beside himself with joy-he'd won the poetry award. This phrase appears in the New Testament (Acts 26:24): "Paul, thou art beside thyself; much learning makes thee mad." [Late 1400s]
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beside yourself

overcome with worry, grief, or anger; distraught.
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beˈside yourself (with something)

unable to control yourself because of the strength of emotion you are feeling: He was beside himself with rage when he found out what she’d done.
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beside (oneself)

In a state of extreme excitement or agitation: They were beside themselves with glee.
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References in classic literature ?
with the result that, catching a chill, he died, after a short illness, so suddenly and unexpectedly that for a few days we were almost beside ourselves with the shock -- my mother, in particular, lying for a while in such a state of torpor that I had fears for her reason.
With thinking we may be beside ourselves in a sane sense.
For though the celestial rapture falling out of heaven seizes only upon those of tender age, and although a beauty overpowering all analysis or comparison and putting us quite beside ourselves we can seldom see after thirty years, yet the remembrance of these visions outlasts all other remembrances, and is a wreath of flowers on the oldest brows.
Dad got to the house and we were beside ourselves. Neither of us could believe it, everything was just a blur.
"We were all beside ourselves with worry, this wasn't like Bradley at all.
He said: "We are beside ourselves. The Joshua Tree tour was some of the most fun we ever had.
When we founded the company in 2015 we had big dreams of taking our work to the regions and we're beside ourselves that these dreams are becoming a reality.
He said: "We were beside ourselves with worry but that quickly turned into anger for me, when I saw some of the hotel staff attempting to move the arcade game away from where it had fallen on top of Oscar.
'But as the night wore on it, eventually it sank in and we were beside ourselves with delight.
We had a real division of opinions over Charming Billy by Alice McDermott and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler, and the two nonfiction works The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls and Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett.
The couple's daughter Sylvia, 61, said: "After our mum died, we were beside ourselves with grief.
It's a funny family story, it's the story of Rosemary Cooke and her lonely childhood, it's the story of sibling love and parental resentment but, above all, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves is just a brilliant read.
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