beset with

beset with (something)

1. To pester, bother, or harass, often excessively. In this usage, a person or group can be indicated between "beset" and "with." I'll make sure the kids don't beset the babysitter with lots of demands today. The senator's office has been beset with angry calls from constituents.
2. To embellish with something, typically jewels. My grandmother's antique bracelet was beset with rubies.
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beset someone with something

to surround someone with harassment; to harass someone with something. Please do not beset them with problem after problem. They beset us with requests for money.
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References in classic literature ?
Our men, beset with flank attacks, Surrender with their officers.
But the search for the Palace of Political Distinction is beset with one mighty peril."
Moody's habitual reserve--strengthened, on this occasion, by his dread of ridicule, if his efforts to serve Isabel ended in failure--disinclined him to take Lady Lydiard into his confidence, while his inquiries were still beset with obstacles and doubts.
Now, when the die was cast, he was beset with doubts of his own wisdom.
Even in the last century the roads were much beset with danger; but in our own day, like most journeys, it is accomplished with ease and safety in a few hours.
For years he had been beset with no- tions concerning his heart.
To accomplish this I was compelled to avoid looking up old friends, for as ever the adventure-path was beset with John Barleycorn.
The way through which our hunters were to pass in pursuit of their game was so beset with briars, that it greatly obstructed their walk, and caused besides such a rustling, that Jones had sufficient warning of their arrival before they could surprize him; nay, indeed, so incapable was Thwackum of concealing his indignation, and such vengeance did he mutter forth every step he took, that this alone must have abundantly satisfied Jones that he was (to use the language of sportsmen) found sitting.
Ichabod, on the contrary, had to win his way to the heart of a country coquette, beset with a labyrinth of whims and caprices, which were forever presenting new difficulties and impediments; and he had to encounter a host of fearful adversaries of real flesh and blood, the numerous rustic admirers, who beset every portal to her heart, keeping a watchful and angry eye upon each other, but ready to fly out in the common cause against any new competitor.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 5 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has refrained from commenting on its ally Telugu Desam Party (TDP) after the latter, although beset with the Union Budget, ultimately chose to remain in alliance.
But the social care side of the department has been beset with disasters including the deaths of eight children known to social workers, as a result of neglect or abuse.
This, according to a November 2006 Chinese health report, is a main reason why increasing numbers of Chinese people in their 30s are now beset with chronic lung diseases that traditionally have affected mostly elderly people.
SOUTH Liverpool Housing has been praised by the Audit Commission as one of the fastest improving housing associations in the country - two years after a damning report that claimed the landlord had uncertain prospects for improvement and was beset with internal issues and poor customer relations.
Morton's reading with its heavy Yorkshire dialect adds immeasurably to this story of a young man beset with all the usual torment of being 14, made worse by his huge hands.
America's current road transportation system is beset with traffic congestion, unsafe conditions, high costs, political corruption, environmental degradation, pork barrel pet projects and much more.