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beset with (something)

1. To pester, bother, or harass, often excessively. In this usage, a person or group can be indicated between "beset" and "with." I'll make sure the kids don't beset the babysitter with lots of demands today. The senator's office has been beset with angry calls from constituents.
2. To embellish with something, typically jewels. My grandmother's antique bracelet was beset with rubies.
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beset someone with something

to surround someone with harassment; to harass someone with something. Please do not beset them with problem after problem. They beset us with requests for money.
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Virgin's other fleet of new rolling stock, the Voyagers on the Cross Country network, were also beset with various technical problems in their first months of operation in 2002.
November 1988 Industry is labeled as troubled, beset by inadequate Medicaid reimbursement, intense competition from personal care facilities and home health care agencies, nationwide shortage of nursing help and a lack of comprehensive private-pay marketing strategy to reach growing numbers of affluent elderly.
Radiant heating and cooling delivers a high level of thermal comfort and avoids the problems of draughts that sometimes beset air driven systems.
Somalia has been beset by chaos and violence, with no central government since 1991.
There is still disagreement on whether James should be placed with the "healthy-minded" or the "sick souls," so evenhandedly and sympathetically did he write of both, and so conscientiously did he attempt to pull himself up by his emotional bootstraps when beset by despair.
The author also notes the frustration of the hard-pressed bomber crews beset by flak and interceptors as they watched their escorts charge off to duel with distant Chinese aircraft instead of remaining close to fend off opposing fighters.
Lack of planning and goal setting can also beset team success.
Ignatius himself was praying five or six hours a day and fasting soon after his conversion, but suddenly was beset by doubts about whether he had confessed all his past sins.
But they failed to break the record of 74 days, 20 hours and 58 minutes set by Cable & Wireless Adventurer after the boat was beset by problems.
But it was beset by problems from the off and opened six years late and pounds 150million over budget.
The commons -- our shared environmental and social heritage -- is the unspoken link between many environmental and other problems that beset Americans today, from the decline of neighborhoods and communities to the commercial enclosure of the gene pool, knowledge and artistic creation.
However, the current problems that beset the National Assembly over its landmark home go way beyond acceptable creative tensions.
Her body was stretched and skewed, her facial expression beset by a strong feeling, probably grief.
The test can be completed in two hours for lower cost than previous tests, can beset up in any lab setting, and requires only a tiny amount of blood.
Whether your life is beset by stressful events or you simply feel stressed is of little consequence to your immune system.