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wide berth

A good distance (between things, people, etc.). Originally referred to ships. Once I learned that there was a lice outbreak, I kept a wide berth from all of my students for the rest of the day. We've been keeping a wide berth from John ever since he dumped our good friend.
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give (someone or something) a wide berth

To maintain a good distance from someone or something. Originally referred to ships. Once I learned that there was a lice outbreak, I gave all of my students a wide berth for the rest of the day. We've been giving John a wide berth ever since he dumped our good friend.
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give someone or something a wide berth

Fig. to keep a reasonable distance from someone or something; to steer clear (of someone or something). (Originally referred to sailing ships.) The dog we are approaching is very mean. Better give it a wide berth. Give Mary a wide berth. She's in a very bad mood.
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give a wide berth

Avoid, as in After Jane told on them, they gave her a wide berth. This expression alludes to giving a vessel enough room to swing at anchor so as to avoid a collision. [Mid-1800s]
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give someone/something a wide berth

If you give someone or something a wide berth, you deliberately avoid them. I don't mess with people like that, not me. I give them a wide berth. Having lived all my life in Africa I have a very healthy respect for snakes and give them a wide berth. Note: A berth is the amount of space which a sailing ship needs to manoeuvre safely.

give someone or something a wide berth

stay away from someone or something.
Berth is a nautical term which originally referred to the distance that ships should keep away from each other or from the shore, rocks, etc., in order to avoid a collision. Therefore, the literal meaning of the expression is ‘steer a ship well clear of something while passing it’.

give somebody/something a wide ˈberth

avoid meeting somebody; avoid going near or using something: He’s so boring I always try to give him a wide berth at parties.The roads are very dangerous there — I’d give them a wide berth and go by train.

soft berth

n. an easy situation; employment at an easy job. I hope I can arrange a soft berth for my brother, who just applied for a job here.
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a wide berth

Ample space or distance to avoid an unwanted consequence: gave their angry colleague a wide berth.
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We have stories, but we keep losing jobs because some vessels won't even come once they receive information of berth depth at the NPA.
Moreover, the railways have issued instructions to ticket checking staff to assist senior citizens and physically handicapped persons as well as pregnant women who have been allotted middle/upper berths by allotting them vacant lower berths available in the train.
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One superyacht to have recently taken an annual berth at Yas Marina is the 95m Indian Empress.
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Berth 10, which is at the seaward end of the quay, became operational on March 23, 2009 with the berthing of an oil tanker now undergoing FPSO conversion.
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If the Giants lose, they still clinch a play-off berth with a Detroit loss or tie, or a loss by either Tampa Bay or New Orleans, or a New Orleans tie and a St.
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