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(as) brown as a berry

Having tanned skin because of prolonged sun exposure. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. She was as brown as a berry when she returned from her tropical vacation. It's so funny, I immediately burn in the sun, while my sister gets as brown as a berry. After a week at the beach, we were both brown as a berry.
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be as brown as a berry

To have tanned skin due to sun exposure. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. She was as brown as a berry when she returned from her tropical vacation.
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old-fashioned One who spends time with two people who are romantically interested in one another, sometimes as a chaperone, and whose presence is unwanted as a result. As John and Betty started cuddling up in the cinema, I wished I had just gone home instead of playing gooseberry. The old matron insisted on being a gooseberry whenever Miss Bromford spent time with a young man from school.

it's the berries

dated slang It is highly enjoyable, desirable, or impressive, especially in a fancy or elaborate way. Have you seen Tom's new Cadillac? It's the berries!
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the berries

The most excellent or outstanding. Wow, this cake is the berries! You're really a great baker.
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*brown as a berry

very brown from the sun; quite suntanned. (*Also: as ~.) She was out in the sun so much that she became as brown as a berry.
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brown as a berry

If someone is as brown as a berry, they are very tanned because they have been out in the sun. Steve Hobbs had just come back from his holiday. Brown as a berry he was, when he came round here the following Monday. She rode out to the yacht in a launch with a basket of fresh vegetables to find Franklin brown as a berry and in his usual fine spirits. Note: The reference may be to juniper or cedar berries, which are brown, as most other berries are red, purple, or white.
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as brown as a berry

(of a person) very suntanned.
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1. and the berries n. the best; the finest. (Always with the. A noun with the force of an adjective.) Man, this stuff is the berries!
2. n. wine. (see also grape(s).) Lemme stop at the liquor store for some berries.
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the berries

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brown as a berry

The color brown; today, suntanned. This simile dates from the time of Chaucer, who used it in the Prologue to his Canterbury Tales (“His palfrey [horse] was as broune as is a berye”) and in The Coke’s Tale. It is particularly odd that the comparison should survive for more than six centuries because few, if any, natural berries are brown.
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It's the berries

Superlative. This 1920s phrase would seem to convey the idea that berries are a choice snack or dessert. A similar phrase, “the bee's knees,” has no such connection with reality aside from its rhyme and cute image.
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