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bereft of (someone or something)

Completely lacking something. The children at the orphanage are bereft of any family members. After crying all day at the hospital, I was bereft of all emotion when I got home.
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bereft of someone or something

left without someone or something. (Bereft is the past participle of bereave, functioning here as an adjective.) Tom was bereft of all hope. The child was bereft of his parents.
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45PM Colin Firth stars as Joe, a widowed teacher bereft at the death of his wife Marianne.
HOME: The funeral cars THE BODIES of President Lech Kaczynski and his wife were flown from Warsaw to Krakow today for burial among Polish kings and poets at a tradition-laden ceremony that was set to be bereft of many world leaders whose travel plans were paralysed by the volcanic ash.
1 : not having something needed, wanted, or expected The lost cat was bereft of a home.
Her primary school kids at Galashiels in the Borders are bereft, having lost their mentor.
NEITHER side deserved to come away with a point as a game bereft of attacking ideas ended in a tame draw at Hartlepool.
Bereft of a boyfriend at the moment, she's on the look out for a disarming Prince Charming.
A rock of order, organisation and discipline in a sea of vacillation and near hysteria with Ieuan Wyn Jones running about like a headless chicken and Mike German slumped in his chair bereft of any idea at all.
Bereft of the state and federal protections and rights that children of heterosexual couples enjoy, this child will be born to an unwed mother.
All the mice in a group bereft of BRCA1 protein developed tumors within 5 to 9 months, the researchers found.
However, bereft of any universally viable notation (until possibly the present day), theatrical dance's links to even the 19th century are surprisingly tenuous compared with those of that upstart, opera.
As you know, there is a Child Welfare Review in this province and a number of us have been meeting with the Review committees and the Ombudsman to share our view that leadership in this province should be hugely embarrassed about how they have done very little to bolster a system that is essentially bereft of resources and rudderless, from my perspective.
Twenty-something hipster David Gould, bereft of a steady girlfriend, seeks understanding and companionship online--only he lies a lot.
A series of blue etchings depicted female archetypes, among them a middle-age angel entitled Melancholia, an anxious Dorothy with dog Toto, a whiskered Wolf Girl in a lacy cap, and a bereft Virgin Mary (all 1999).
As a preventive measure, the author calls for an approach to globalization that baptizes it with universal legal and ethical standards bereft of violence and terror.
Only someone bereft of his senses will continue to feed the growth and assume that it will not hurt him.