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bequeath (something) to (someone)

To posthumously leave something to someone, as in a will. Did Aunt Millie bequeath anything to us in her will? When my grandmother died, she bequeathed this vintage coffee table to me.
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bequeath something to someone

to will something to someone; to leave something to someone. My uncle bequeathed some furniture to me. I will bequeath this watch to my grandson.
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However, the number of middens owned by females was no longer a significant predictor (Table 8), presumably because although sharing females owned on average more middens than females from the other two categories, there was virtually no difference in midden ownership between keeping and bequeathing mothers (Fig.
In news a little less stunning than Bill Gates's announcement that he plans on bequeathing all his Microsoft stock to the Vietnamese Women's Association, Newt Gingrich singlehandedly pushed through an ironclad campaign-finance reform bill that will forbid any contribution over ten bucks.
Bequeathing a gift to an environmental group can ensure that your conservation ethic lives on, while also considerably reducing taxes for you and your beneficiaries.
Dutch custom also followed a tradition of equity in bequeathing property to male and female heirs.
Bequeathing ownership and control of his company to his workers was a lasting legacy of his deep belief in applying his understanding of Christian principles to business.
The battle over Egypt's 2011 presidency appears to have begun early as a member of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) announced Sunday that President Hosni Mubarak is staying in office "until the last breath" while others have called for bequeathing power to his son Gamal, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported Monday.