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bequeath (something) to (someone)

To posthumously leave something to someone, as in a will. Did Aunt Millie bequeath anything to us in her will? When my grandmother died, she bequeathed this vintage coffee table to me.
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bequeath something to someone

to will something to someone; to leave something to someone. My uncle bequeathed some furniture to me. I will bequeath this watch to my grandson.
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"The surviving spouse of the bequeather shall be entitled to inherit pursuant to intestate succession or alongside with the heirs (if any) of either the first or second degree of descent.
By telling the Sutpen story to Quentin, she not only vents her anger, and alleviates private anguish caused by her frustrated desire for Sutpen, but also turns into a bequeather of South legacy, with Quentin in the role of surrogate son and heir.
Inheritance is not possible until the bequeather is dead, after all: the ancestor must always be "now lamented and departed" (1838, p.
Our treatment of cadavers therefore must reflect the highest standards of care and we are seeking a partner who will work with us to deliver this promise to our bequeathers, their families and our students at all times.
The control exerted by the House of the Church will make sure that these assets are administered in compliance with the existing laws and rules and with the will of the bequeathers, to the benefit of the respective churches and monasteries.
The husband- wife duo, Louis Montoto and Pavla Srncova are bequeathers of the 19th century European Marionette