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bequeath (something) to (someone)

To posthumously leave something to someone, as in a will. Did Aunt Millie bequeath anything to us in her will? When my grandmother died, she bequeathed this vintage coffee table to me.
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bequeath something to someone

to will something to someone; to leave something to someone. My uncle bequeathed some furniture to me. I will bequeath this watch to my grandson.
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Besides, her other close relatives have not disputed the will or demanded the money left in the UAE bank or the building bequeathed in the will by the deceased to her husband.
Her husband Huw, a community councillor, said, 'The land for the school was bequeathed by a wealthy local landowner for the education of children in the village and we want to keep it alive.
Apple bequeathed her house to First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga (Church) to be used for the temporary housing and convenience of its missionaries.
Meinrad Archabbey, who were recently bequeathed $26 million by two women who had been regular visitors at the monastery.
These he bequeathed to the College of Saint Clement at the University of Bologna, where he left an endowment for 24 students from Spain to pursue their doctoral studies.
In his last will and testament, dated March 25, 1616 (about one month before his death), William Shakespeare bequeathed his "second-best" bed to his wife.
The hair was cut off before his state funeral at Westminster Abbey in 1859 and later bequeathed to the National Railway Museum along with some of Stephenson's silver cutlery.
An ancient volcanic eruption in the Galapagos Islands bequeathed diminished genetic diversity to one group of the archipelago's famed giant tortoises, a new analysis suggests.
It rests, however, on the controversial premise that "the dominant paradigm of forest management bequeathed by the Progressive Era.
The gallery's collection, the core of which is constituted by a number of French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings bequeathed by Lane, was finally housed in an eighteenth-century town house in central Dublin that was built by James Caulfeild, First Earl of Charlemont, in 1765 specifically to accommodate paintings.
What the Enlightenment has actually bequeathed to us is "a set of mutually antagonistic moral stances each claiming to have achieved a rational justification.
But, as League president during the turbulent McCarthy era of the 50s, she also bequeathed us a unique legacy of advocacy.
Most of Mike Brown's mentors are imbued with the principles Frank Buchman bequeathed to MRA/IC and which Kim Beazley Snr learned at Caux: 'searching for God's leading, testing any thoughts that come against absolute honesty, purity, unselfishness and love'.
The display consists of 173 works of the around 200 which make up the Howard Gilman Collection of Architectural Drawings, assembled between 1976 and 1980 by the eponymous collector and his curator, Pierre Apraxine, and bequeathed to the Museum in 1998.
He acquired a master of education degree and bequeathed a substantial amount of money to the museum society.