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bequeath (something) to (someone)

To posthumously leave something to someone, as in a will. Did Aunt Millie bequeath anything to us in her will? When my grandmother died, she bequeathed this vintage coffee table to me.
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bequeath something to someone

to will something to someone; to leave something to someone. My uncle bequeathed some furniture to me. I will bequeath this watch to my grandson.
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Besides, her other close relatives have not disputed the will or demanded the money left in the UAE bank or the building bequeathed in the will by the deceased to her husband.
But the root of many of our current problems can be traced to the legacy bequeathed us by the Tory party, who now sit on the sidelines doing nothing but criticise.
THE 19th century manor house, bequeathed to the city in 1948 to accommodate youngsters with learning difficulties, was demolished in July 2004 two months after itwas wrecked by fire.
Nelson's scimitar, bequeathed to Davison, achieved pounds 336,650.
Helga Wall-Apelt, whose collection of Asian art has been bequeathed to the Ringling Museum, was appointed to the Leadership Committee of the Smithsonian Institution's Folk Life Festival for 2008, meaning she had the chance to visit Bhutan, the festival's featured country, and sip tea with Her Royal Highness Ashi Dorli Wangmo Wangchuck, Queen of Bhutan.
We shared the kind of moral certainty typical of people in their 20s--the age Bob Dylan once described to me simply as the time when "things matter." Our self-assurance was the gigantic gift that the '60s had bequeathed us.
Thus, while Americans are celebrating Independence Day, bequeathed to them by the armed "embattled farmers" of our founding era, Mr.
Churches in Longwood have received cash boosts - thanks to money bequeathed by a former resident.
Virtually all common law states provide a statutory right to a surviving spouse, allowing him or her to elect to receive a statutory portion of the probate estate of u deceased spouse in lieu of amounts bequeathed to the survivor under the decedent's testamentary plan.
Had she done so, the assets would have passed directly to the order--as if the sister had never been bequeathed them--and qualified for an estate tax charitable deduction.
A notable collection of antique furniture brought and bequeathed by more than a century of residents distinguishes the decor throughout the building.
A house, bequeathed to a church and used as temporary housing for its missionaries on home assignment, was not used purely and exclusively for religious purposes according to the Court of Appeals of Tennessee.
(The late Chris Farley's Matt Foley character has bequeathed several successors since the days when he implored his listeners to beware of ending up "in a trailer ...
One of Augusta's KaRel family is bequeathed the most powerful weapon imagineable: the Fire of God.
Omen sat there wondering what just happened, if it was fate or just a common denominator bequeathed with ungulance.