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bequeath (something) to (someone)

To posthumously leave something to someone, as in a will. Did Aunt Millie bequeath anything to us in her will? When my grandmother died, she bequeathed this vintage coffee table to me.
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bequeath something to someone

to will something to someone; to leave something to someone. My uncle bequeathed some furniture to me. I will bequeath this watch to my grandson.
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Perrin, of Lambay Court, Malahide, Co Dublin, denies deceptively inducing Mr Davis to bequeath half his estate at Fairview Strand on January 22, 2009.
Justice Murray Sinclair challenged residential school survivors to come to terms with the past and think about what kind of future they would like to bequeath to their children and grandchildren.
I also give and bequeath unto Joseph Dochsteder my youngest son to him and his heirs and assigns, forever, the Homestead farm being Lot No.
Omar accused foreign sides, "including Iran, of aiming to destabilize Egypt by financing Egyptian (opposition) groups and organizations and disseminating claims of attempts to bequeath power (to Gamal).
I do not know what conditions apply to the former - I dread to think - but, should I bequeath the points to our daughter, would she have to pay 40% (IGT) to the Treasury?
It is understood Mr Fox had no close family members, and therefore chose to bequeath the bulk of his estate to the RNLI.
Families will be able to "honour their loved one's wish to bequeath their organs" after cardiocirculatory arrest.
Actor Bernard Bragg recently announced that he plans to bequeath a portion of his estate, now valued at roughly $200,000, to the Department of Deaf Studies at California State University, Northridge.
What Taylor himself will bequeath as a legacy--and the guy seems far from through--is one of the richest and most creative collections of work in 20th century dance.
Determine a legacy for your collection whether you bequeath it to relatives, donate it, or sell it to a repository.
If we succeed, we will better serve the public interest and bequeath to our successors a profession strengthened, ennobled and invigorated rather than enervated, demoralized and diminished.
It is plain to me at least that if we are to have a worthwhile future to bequeath to our children, it will only be because we shall find the strength for true political activism and real social change precisely where Gandhi said it would be, at the grassroots.
Simply state in your will (or add, if you already have an established one): "I give, devise, and bequeath to [put name of environmental group and address here] the sum of $ to be used for its general purposes" (or whatever particular program you're interested in supporting).