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At this exquisite vision Tip's old comrades stared in wonder for the space of a full minute, and then every head bent low in honest admiration of the lovely Princess Ozma.
But the bent, old woman was no longer an old woman--she had become a straight, wiry, active old man.
A dozen times as the head bent farther and farther toward him the boy loosed his hold upon the mane and reached quickly down to grasp the near fore pastern.
Then he bent down and began gnawing the shaft of the arrow with his teeth.
Twice he bent and kissed her, and each time her lips met his shyly and her body made its happy, nestling movement.
Then he turned and bent over White Fang, standing by his side.
Dorothy bent over, too, and began to arrange her hair, blown by the desert wind into straggling tangles.
Many heads were bent forward with eagerness and sympathy.
With eyes bent upon the ground, then, or only raised enough to prevent his stumbling over such obstacles as lay in his way, the religious man moved slowly forward until he reached a small postern in the wall of the sisters' orchard, through which he passed, closing it behind him.
The four elder sisters cast down their eyes as if abashed by the holy man's reproof, but Alice raised hers, and bent them mildly on the friar.
demanded the old man, straightening his bent back with difficulty.
And again he bent his old head to the work before him.
Like an ox with head bent, submissively he awaited the blow which he felt was lifted over him.
For the first time the feelings of revenge and hatred filled my bosom, and I did not strive to control them, but allowing myself to be borne away by the stream, I bent my mind towards injury and death.
It was an edifying spectacle, the young man in his easy chair taking his coffee, and the old man with his grey head bent, standing awaiting his pleasure.