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Bent was born in Cambridge in 1921 and grew up in Worcester, MA.
ALEX McLeish has told Marcus Bent that now's the time to come into his own.
Bent was stunned to lose his place in the 16 for Burnley's visit, when new signing Carlos Costly made it onto the substitutes' bench instead.
Last Saturday, Bent was recalled for his first start in six matches and turned in an ebullient, goal scoring performance.
"It was Bent knocking people about, Bent running in behind people, Bent passing and moving forward into the box onto the end of things...and it was the Bent who has terrorised Premier League defences.
As Kevin Phillips will be absent for two to three weeks with a hamstring injury, Bent, Cameron Jerome and Costly have to take up the slack.
Experience: Marcus Bent and other big name players at Blues will have to take the flak if they don't perform as Kevin Phillips (below) is out with a hamstring injury.
I have heard a Southern Cheyenne leader say that the establishment of Bent's Fort was the beginning of the ruin of his people.(4) The history of the Cheyennes has been richly and amply documented by a number of scholars, most notably and recently by Donald Berthrong and Father Peter Powell.(5) I am not going to rehearse it here.
George Bent had a life that ranged remarkably between native and white cultures, between a past that seems irrevocably lost and one that clearly connects with our own times.
George Bent was among the Cheyennes who attacked Julesburg, Colorado, in January and again in February 1865, severing Denver's communications with the East, who massed before Platte Bridge in Wyoming in July 1865, inflicting heavy casualties, and who routed Generals Connor and Cole along the Powder River in Montana in September of that same year.
During the last two decades of his life, George Bent wrote hundreds of letters.
Bent's letters to Hyde range in length from a thousand words or more to only a few lines, but most go on for several pages and some are up to eight or nine pages long.
In reading Hyde's book, however, we are not quite in the same situation as, for instance, we are in reading Black Elk Speaks or the so-called autobiography of Geronimo.(11) The original language of the person involved has not been lost; we can go back to what Bent himself wrote and check the book against the materials out of which it has been constructed.
These books remain important today, to Cheyenne people as well as to scholars.(14) Grinnell met Bent in 1901, when he used him as an interpreter on his first trip to the Southern Cheyennes in Oklahoma.
Not long after Hyde began writing to Bent, Bent suggested he get in touch with Grinnell.