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In their Engineering Data Report Number 54, (3) The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute states that straight embedded bars may be planned to be field bent into place, such as an outside face wall where vertical bars will be bent horizontally to become the slab end top bars.
The studies provided a set of scientific data on optimal material and technical parameters in the bending process that proved that this technology is suitable for "mass production" of bent components in an industrial application.
USE YOUR NOODLE--After a piece of spaghetti, bent in a circular arc (far left), springs free at one end, a ripple of extreme curvature zooms down the rod.
He must bring the top part of the thigh up to or near the chest with the knee slightly and naturally bent (Photos 1-3).
5) in Cecchetti soubresaut, the toes of the front foot cover the toes of the back foot, the heel of the front foot covers the arch of the back foot--that is, somewhat similar to sous-sus on pointe, but with slightly bent knees.
This Sodomesque spectacle was potent enough to raise the hackles of Hollywood's self-anointed holy men, the Motion Picture Association of America, but one can't help believe that the real reason Bent received its restrictive NC-17 rating 17 is in its positing a sex act between two men -- albeit one in which they never touch -- as a triumph of the human spirit.
Facing the resident and keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent, position the resident's feet on the floor and slightly apart.
The hypothesis was that less work/energy should be required to produce bent wood using slower bending rates and higher MCs.
Just like Barbie's legs, the fingers stay bent until the owner straightens them again.
Standing with feet a shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, hold dumbbells, wraparound weights folded to fit into your hands, or free weights.
In a series of tests, the scientists rolled, twisted, and bent the devices as much as 90[degrees] Yet they kept on working.
If he snaps the ball too high, he had probably not bent his knees enough.