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a Benjamin's portion (or mess)

the largest share or portion.
In the Bible, Benjamin was the youngest son of the Jewish patriarch Jacob . When Jacob's sons encountered their long-lost brother Joseph in Egypt, where he had become a high official, they failed to recognize him, but Joseph generously entertained them: ‘And he took and sent messes [servings of food] unto them from before him: but Benjamin's mess was five times so much as any of their's’ (Genesis 43:34).
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and Benji
n. a one hundred dollar bill. (Bearing a picture of Benjanin Franklin.) You owe me two Benjamins! Here’s the Benji I owe you.
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Benjamin was jailed for eight years in January for his part in a supermarket ram raid and a cash-in-transit robbery in the city's Chinatown district.
Benjamin had 45 catches for 927 yards and 14 touchdowns during one season at Northside High School in Lafayette, La.
By the summer of 1917 Benjamin was preparing for what would become his dissertation, "The Concept of Criticism in German Romanticism.
Where Scholem criticizes Benjamin for giving in to Marxist seductions, with which he only masked his metaphysical--and Jewish--intentions, Werckmeister is critical of Benjamin's abandonment of a truly Marxist perspective and of having, in the 1940s, taken refuge in metaphysical speculations, replacing his commitment to a revolutionary praxis with a resigned vision of paralysis in the face of history.
The agreement means that members of Angie's List can use the Project Visualizertool on its website to preview the appearance of hundreds of Benjamin Moore interior and exterior paint colors on their homes.
During the next year, Benjamin Moore and the CFDA will organize various events, programs and collaborations for CFDA members as well as the larger design community.
I saw online the producers were looking for extras and so sent in a photo of Benjamin.
During her four years of service, Benjamin also led the release of the National Prevention Strategy, a roadmap to guide health partners at the local, national and international levels to reduce health disparities and improve the health of all Americans.
Neither a closeted secessionist nor conflicted about the South's right of revolution, Benjamin emerges as a stalwart adherent of secession's logic and political power.
According to Benjamin Moore's Vice President of Sales Dan Calkins, "Orchard's own increasing growth in California and its well-earned reputation for carrying quality products and delivering exceptional customer service make it an attractive partner for Benjamin Moore.
Known for his mock grandiose style, Benjamin rarely alters his delivery.
Regina Benjamin, an Alabama family physician with a strong Catholic pedigree, as the new U.
Global Banking News-11 November 2008-Independent Bank to acquire Benjamin Franklin Bancorp(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
En una carta de Walter Benjamin firmada en Paris y enviada a su amigo Gershom Scholem el 20 de enero de 1930, deja ver su deseo de llegar a ser <<el primer critico de la literatura alemana>>; en palabras de Benjamin: